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Unfolding of Time

church,Romania village of Bezidu

In 1988 the village of Bezidu Nou in Romania  was flooded.  Only these two churches remained above the water,  This (above) was a picture of the churches in 1995

church Romania 2008

By   2008 only one remained, the land around, you can see has been dramatically changed.  In 2014 this is what a visitor to the site will find.

Church Romania 2014 -courtesy lacihobo,Utikalauz,causs and zuzsa Mate

pictures courtesty, lachihobo,Utikalauz,Causss and Zsuzsa Mate

There is an expression that comes to mind, “never judge a book by its cover”.  People we meet, friends we already know, even family, how much do we really know about them.  We see only the “face” presented to us.  Even over time, we may see the gradual changes, but do we really go beyond what we see in that given moment of time.

Good relationships begin by the simple act of greeting one another.  I’ve had too many “how are you” spoken to me, without any real intent on the other person’ part to really hear my response.  It is a throw away question or remark.   As is, “I’m fine thank you, and you?”  Usually or often, the person has moved on before you are really finished with the formality of a greeting.

Let us try today to show respect and a genuine caring when we interact with others,  Smile from the heart, when you pass a stranger if your eyes meet, smile, nod it is a feel good feeling.   When driving on rural back roads often the residents will wave as we pass, we wave back, its friendly and a welcome exchange between strangers.  You find yourself smiling, it was a happy exchange …

Walls may crumble and disappear, but the happiness in your heart will always be there. Treasure and nurture it.

Have a super fantastic day my friends,  Know that you are in my prayers and that love is being sent your way today and always.   Blessings be.                                  

May the Universe wrap you in a calm,serene embrace

May the faith and spirit within you

cast out the darkness, bathing you  in a light

that will fill you with eternal grace.

Namaste  – Oyashikiri 

words by Q


Comments on: "Unfolding of Time" (2)

  1. velcro2424 said:

    Seize the moment. Today will be soon be several yesterdays ago !!

  2. Friends and lovers are the true measure of ones wealth, not possessions. Thanks Q.

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