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Perfect Liberty is an International church, therefore members who will share with us, at times will do so in both their languages.  I do not change their words, or thoughts, but share them with you as they are offered.  I love PL so much because as a community we share and grow with the encouragement and support of not only the ministers but fellow members.  The Japanese terms are commonly used in PL,  You should be able to find the words and their meanings on our website, (link on right)  However I will work them in if I can do so without changing the expressions of the writer

Meet Harry  (USA), Harry attended Kyososai (the celebrations I wrote about in August)  this past July/August.   =^_^+ in fact, you will see Harry carrying the Canadian Flag for Canada (he became an honorary Canadian to help me out!  True gentleman!!)(see prev. blog)

This was a fun picture taken when we met the actors who perform in the PL children;s theater

Harry and cat

Each Kyososai is unique and every year is distinct with the mix of different people
attending. Often for me I try to absorb as much as I can all that goes on at Holyland
during my stay there. The whole time spent there is the rensei training, not just the
official part of the program …. Listening to lectures, taking every opportunity to pray at
the himorogi, conversing, sharing testimonies with the Brazilian members, breathing the
air and working up a sweat just being outside.
But reality hits when I get back from the Holyland. I always seem to receive my
blessings thru Mishirases and intuitions that that help me realize my short comings, last
year it was a nasty bladder infection that haunted me from getting good rest and sleep.
It’s like god is giving me another chance – blessing and salvation after my prayers at the
Himorogi. This year it was a flu symptom that bothered me physically, but also the way
my wife told me what a pest I was to her. I never thought I was a pest probing and
inquiring about what she did and did not do. I always thought I gave her a lot of latitude,
but apparently not. My mishirase brought me to church and the consultation for
oyashikiri helped me realize that I needed to back off and give her more space and not to
probe unnecessarily. It was the words my minister spoke that triggered my intuition. I
have always prayed to try to understand my wife and I never could, I was being a pest
and suffocating her. All this time I could not realize that my actions were killing her
spirits. Thank you, Oshieoyasama.

Mishirase: Divine warning from God, in the form of an illness, a misfortune, an accident pain or suffering

Oyashikiri Prayer– The special prayer to receive the blessings of Oshieoya-sana’s Shikiri

Shikiri PL’s unique way of prayer, asking God’s blessing with a sincere promise to accomplish what we have to do

Oshieoya-sama – Honorific title of the spiritual leader of PL, Rev. Takahito Miki

Thank you Harry for sharing your testimony with us.

Blessings to each and everyone of you, now and always…

photo taken in Japan July 2013 by Q

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