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share a smile and hug today…

let the love in your heart shine through

Aug 21_012

PL Thanksgiving Feb.2016


Look at the snow, it was piled so high, that I wanted to capture it, but couldn’t really get the same view I had from inside the truck.  I had stopped on the way to church to take a picture of the fire truck that was sitting in the parking lot.


Big red shiny truck… some ladies love their diamonds, today, I went for the chrome, and the size of the truck.  At the time, when I first approached taking my pictures, I wasn’t aware of the fact, that sitting in the dark corner there was a fireman.  I had seen several disembark and go into the breakfast place off towards the back.  I was happily walking around snapping pictures of the chrome, and it wasn’t till I went up for this front shot, that I felt eyes watching me.


I was engrossed in the taking of pictures.. after all how often does a person get up close and personal to a fire truck.  By the time I had made my way around to this panel, the “men” who had gone towards the restaurant were back.. They were a tad amused, we had a chuckle, and of course they apologized for not having the truck at its shining best for her photo session.


Look at the grill, isn’t it beautiful.  I’ve seen these beauties outside the fire stations in spring, summer and fall when they are being washed and polished. I was some chuffed to see one up close and personal.  It was a great way to start the day, what was ordinary for them, was a total  “fantastical” moment for me.

LOL a big mound of snow and a shiny red and white fire truck, helped make my day today…  How about you.. you having a good day.  In Pl, we try to make every moment count.  This morning, sharing smiles and some happy .. made for a great kick off to the day.

PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in Relativity

Namaste      –       Oyashikiri


I’ll end it with an awwwww moment!





There is nothing else like it.


It is truly beautiful

to observe, and even more powerful when we participate


True, we don’t get to choose our family

but we do our friends.


That said, when we have love in our hearts

it is there for all to see and feel


a bond that lasts forever

is built on trust, acceptance and a love that is unconditional


Here is your hug for today..

Pass it on…

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri



3487149b6a71cf52bf62e66957bd4fa8Oh look, there is a cookie monster

looking out at me…

there are days when like this character

my days are filled with too many things that matter

into my office I run

doing my best to forget that beckoning sun

however, the sun shines through the window

and no matter what…. I know

I should make time for some fun in that bright happy sun

But. but…. if I don’t work on my  art now, or at least make a start

tomorrow, there will be that much more

and I will not think that today’s decision was very smart


The open skies beckoned

I wanted to travel to  someplace new

but….. today wasn’t going to be the day to wander

instead I applied myself to the artistic expression that I’ve wanted to share

I spent hours researching and preparing

took time to asses and ponder

did I succeed, I think I did

the cookie monster  held open the can lid

and let the sunshine in =^_^=


half way through the day, I got to visit with a friend

what a pleasure that was

I would have missed that opportunity had I gone out

so you see, there is always a reward and a positive

when we listen with a clear intent

to the little voice inside our head

now cookie monster can close the lid

and I can go to bed.


Here’s a hug to keep you snug


namaste      –      oyashikiri



Sunday Hug

hugsYou never realize the value of a kind compassionate hug, until you have received on,  Sometimes we forget that in some societies a show of affection, or a hug is not something that is done.  I’m sure you all know or have known people in your lives who simply don’t hug, or show any kind of outward affection.

Lately there have been groups that form so that they can experience a  hug, or what is it I heard and saw on the telly the other month, you could hire someone to hug you.   Oh yes, and I was told by a reliable source, that men (sorry don’t know about women) can hire someone to be their girlfriend for an hour or two, where they can just be physically intimate, holding hands, hugging (and being a grown up, should that lead to something else…)  What has caught my interest in all of this is that with all that is happening, we can put someone on the moon, we develop technology that can have us talking to people in foreign lands, with just a click of a button.  But we still don’t know what a hug is all about.

Remember the “air kiss”… ah, allo, bonjour… kiss, kiss… sometimes one side of the face, sometimes both… and many times it is a real sign of affection and happiness at meeting a friend.  However, with anything that is done repetitiously it then becomes a habit and the kisses are given from a mile away (ok slight exaggeration )

Not everyone is comfortable with being hugged, or having someone up close and too personal.  Sometimes being there, sharing a coffee, listening and simply being a good listener, with true compassion and love in your heart is enough.

Not everyone is blessed with having grown up in an environment or with people who show their love in a way that includes a warm embrace and a loving hug.


Shared laughter, and a hug that is purely one of love and friendship is a gift that only can be given from the heart.  It is when we are truly in the moment and can freely respond to another’s smile, need, or presence that the joy of the moment can be felt.


You are never alone

Always I am with you in spirit

and should you doubt

you need only look out

at the evening stars,

their twinkle is my code to you

happily saying I love you in a thousand ways

or the morning sun and feel my touch

as a breeze gently tousles your hair

or sunbeams kisses your cheek

I am in the air your breath

for I am everywhere

now and always


Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

pics facebook

pics pinterest

…. buen dia…. a hug? abrazo?

71 bronco

hey.. wow … need  HUG

gosh, you look like you could use a HUG

Actually I have friends that would be in utterly fantastic bliss to be out there on a beautiful day, sharing their off road experience with friends, and no they aren’t in need of a hug, they are having fun.  Perspective.

7172510-r3l8t8d-650-cute-big-dogs-and-babies-5Awwww now this is a true hug

wrapped in a warm embrace by a friend

relaxing and just sharing bonding time

What, no?  Oh you have allergies, and you can’t be that close to an animal, dog, cat etc. So this wouldn’t be your idea of a nice happy moment…. ahhh…. Perspective


We are all unique in our own ways, and we each and everyone of us goes through life trying to understand our selves and the world around us.  It is when we share our dreams and differences, that we learn about someone else, their culture, their world, in doing so, we broaden our own.


Please come by for tea, the door is always open, careful on the way over, it can get rather steep, but I’m always happy to meet and greet a friend, we can chat and exchange views (smiles), visiting and getting to know you, will be a very special kind of “hug”…sincere sharing/caring… is a hug in itself.  Blessings.

Namaste   –   Oyashikiri

love this last picture, hermitage,Qianyuan mountain,Tianhua X, the capture is awesome, peaceful and surreal, did you find the hermitage? (artstation.com)

Good Gozaimasu everyone!

rain, rainbow Teresa NYC discount diva Pinterest

Everybody wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain *

Another bright sunny day, can’t wait to get outside into the fresh air and sunshine.  Having errands to run yesterday, I was out for half the day driving from one place to another, car window down, the air still a bit of chill to it, but I wanted the wind in my hair and that feeling of being on the move.  Not convertible time yet, but the motorcycle enthusiast are  out.  Just the day before everyone was moaning about the rain.  Certainly for those having to deal with the challenges that come with a lot of rain and melting from the heavy snows we’ve had over the winter, it wasn’t all hearts and flowers.  But to many of us, the rain meant a day without sunshine, it was wet and sometimes inconvenient.  Ever noticed that when it rains, the greetings aren’t so friendly, and some are even grumpy.

rain, micalea smeltzer

Have you ever danced in the rain?  Have you ever been caught in a summer shower? When I was younger, walking to work with my hair all done, my clothes all fresh and ready for a work day, caught without an umbrella didn’t make me cheerful. LOL.. I don’t think, I know I grumbled and mumbled words that would have earned me a proper scolding by my parents.  Older and wiser now, I am more accepting of the rain, I know it is going to rain, and there is nothing I can do about it, I can either stay inside, or go out and enjoy the world and what the day has to offer.  I no longer concern myself about my  hair, and if I know it is raining I dress accordingly, if I didn’t expect the rain, so what, I’ll dry.  Rain has been a part of this world long before I arrived, and it will continue to fall long after I’ve moved on.

rain, 911 by Rob Shanghai on flickr

I know that I have many of you who share these moments with me ,write,  doesn’t this picture evoke some kind of response from you.  Wow!   The photographer (*** below)  really captured a moment here.  That dear reader is what life is, we live our lives in segments, it may not seem so at the time, but I can assure you, that each and everyone of you, will come up with a different story line, or thought on what the picture says to them, or the emotion it evokes.  Let us all try to live life a day at a time and make the best of each moment whatever the task or challenge, don’t give up, look for the positives in the situation,  Life is art ….. and  someone, somewhere is living their day in a similar way …..   remember with the rain comes new growth and if you are lucky you will see your own rainbow.

smile,girl with goat Yunna by Elly Prestegaard -flickr

A smile and a huge hug to start your day!  Smile.


* posted on Pinterest by Teresa NYC Discount Diva

** picture by Micalea Smeltzer >Pintrest

*** photo 911 by Rob Shanghai.flickr.jpg

last photo >Pinterest


C’est mecredi! It’s Wednesday!

C'est mecredi! It's Wednesday!

This is another picture taken in Japan during Rensei Training. July/August 2013
On the right is Rev. Tokuo Itagaki, this man was tireless in his encouragement and hosting of all events! The “go to” man for everything. This picture came to me from a PL member from California (thanks Harry) in it you can see more of the entertainers who came by to share time with us.
(Kappa-Za children’s Theatre Group) The key figure that you saw yesterday and is also in this picture is Kimaru. When you chant his name, he comes out to play =^_^=

Well dear reader, here we are half way through the week, amazing eh. Has it been a good week so far?

Today’s teaching on the PL calendar is
“Letting Go of Your Ego Will Make You a Stronger Person”
If you are always caught up with power,status or appearances, you will have a hard time accomplishing anything of worth.
Let go and express yourself fully

Yesterday I am pleased to say that I managed very nicely to avoid any of the above “traps”, kept to myself, got what I wanted and needed to be done accomplished, all with a smile .. A smile works wonders. Granted I was one tired puppy by the time I got home, but I slept like a lamb.

Life isn’t always full of joy filled moments, but if we (me, myself and I) keep a smile and a happy disposition, the day usually works out to be ok,  laughter does win the day.

Enjoy the day, if you live far away, enjoy what is left of the day and have a wonderful night of carefree dreams.

May healing energies bless those of you needing the healing “hug”, If you have extra energy to give, pray that those needing our love feel it in their lives today.

Blessings to each and everyone of you.

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