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Sunday Hug

hugsYou never realize the value of a kind compassionate hug, until you have received on,  Sometimes we forget that in some societies a show of affection, or a hug is not something that is done.  I’m sure you all know or have known people in your lives who simply don’t hug, or show any kind of outward affection.

Lately there have been groups that form so that they can experience a  hug, or what is it I heard and saw on the telly the other month, you could hire someone to hug you.   Oh yes, and I was told by a reliable source, that men (sorry don’t know about women) can hire someone to be their girlfriend for an hour or two, where they can just be physically intimate, holding hands, hugging (and being a grown up, should that lead to something else…)  What has caught my interest in all of this is that with all that is happening, we can put someone on the moon, we develop technology that can have us talking to people in foreign lands, with just a click of a button.  But we still don’t know what a hug is all about.

Remember the “air kiss”… ah, allo, bonjour… kiss, kiss… sometimes one side of the face, sometimes both… and many times it is a real sign of affection and happiness at meeting a friend.  However, with anything that is done repetitiously it then becomes a habit and the kisses are given from a mile away (ok slight exaggeration )

Not everyone is comfortable with being hugged, or having someone up close and too personal.  Sometimes being there, sharing a coffee, listening and simply being a good listener, with true compassion and love in your heart is enough.

Not everyone is blessed with having grown up in an environment or with people who show their love in a way that includes a warm embrace and a loving hug.


Shared laughter, and a hug that is purely one of love and friendship is a gift that only can be given from the heart.  It is when we are truly in the moment and can freely respond to another’s smile, need, or presence that the joy of the moment can be felt.


You are never alone

Always I am with you in spirit

and should you doubt

you need only look out

at the evening stars,

their twinkle is my code to you

happily saying I love you in a thousand ways

or the morning sun and feel my touch

as a breeze gently tousles your hair

or sunbeams kisses your cheek

I am in the air your breath

for I am everywhere

now and always


Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

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Comments on: "Sunday Hug" (11)

  1. Oh I love this one !!!!! Love and hugs to you!!!! Cindy

  2. michael_e said:

    Love, hugs and blessings … ME and the Boss

  3. I’m a great hugger. Love hugs. Hugs & kisses to you, dearheart !

  4. hugging is heart’s kissing

  5. Any time you need a hug you can always visit me. I’ve been saving many for you.

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