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unspoken friendships


Remember the little nursery rhyme

now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep….

Do remember when  the talk was all about astral travel

and philosophers talked on about where our minds went during sleep..

… too academic for me…=^_^=

— basic A B C’s for me….

There was a time I would not have ever allowed a dog on my bed

never mind, on the sheets or sleeping beside me..

Time and circumstances have changed that

I now understand and feel things I didn’t before

What I have learned in life

that friendships that last

are the friendships with a past

The Mother who lovingly took these pictures

over a period of time

will always the remember these moments

and even though young, the child

will grow up  feeling an unspoken bond

for animals

In sleep mode we are vulnerable to the world around us

yet there is  cosmic connection to what is happening

Sometimes we unconsciously know that the world around us

is not balanced, and sleep is slow to happen

Even changing rooms will not help, because the unrest

is within you.

No matter where you go, or run, there you will be…..

the bond of sharing is a delicate one

there has to be mutual trust

and the security that comes of faith

in the connection of souls

born of innocence

and a genuine love

not built on egos, preconceived ideas,,

words, promises, just unspoken

heart-felt caring


that transcends time

and mortal boundaries…

Being able to listen and care

for what a friend is saying

or doing

to walk in silence

content to know that

you are both aware of each other

but need not talk

the being together is enough

that is an awesome

inspiring connection

appreciate such moments

for they are rare

and like a diamond in the rough

the connection is felt

not seen

friendships that last

are friendships

that can stand the

test of time

for they were


in another


My love to each and

every one of you…

now and always…




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  1. Loved this ❤

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