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wasted day

Not sure if I shared this picture with you yet.. but it is perfect for my self portrait. This would be a selfie of me this afternoon. What ever it conjures up, this is how I felt. I could do nothing but BE, I lay like this hunk of metal…. dormant, not willing or interested in functioning. The possibilities I’m sure were there, but.. NOTHING was going to inspire action of any kind,

Seconds turned to minutes, and the minutes to hours. ??? What was the cause of this “malady” … a necessary visit to the eye doctor .. as a diabetic I need to visit him once a year. Have my eyes checked for health reasons, it was all for a good cause… and never before in years past, have I had such a negative reaction to this nice man. We all know such visits are painless.

Its the drops. I just can’t cope with the after effect they have on me. Before my husband would be waiting for me to drive me home. However, we all know.. I now have to get home on my own.. and big baby that I was, the sun was hurting my eyes, I felt like I was trying to drive with wool over my eyes. The anxiety was acute, and I succumbed to it. There I have admitted it. The Virgo in me, hates it when I fall prey to the “baby” in me.

Good or Bad….. it is your mirror. Sincere expressions invite good results, but insincere expressions can lead to unexpected trouble.

Perfect Liberty 2020.24

Things that happen to us all have a meaning. /everything that happens to us happens for a reason. Each and every occurrence is a chance for you to improve yourself.

Perfect Liberty 2019.24


Feliz domingo


Good morning all, if you live with dogs, you know that getting out of bed in the middle of the night can lose you your place in bed very quickly.  Pulling up the covers didn’t help, they simply repositioned themselves so that your entry back under the warmth of the blankets can’t be managed without their help.  You will note that neither one of them has drifted back into a deep sleep.  The little mischief makers are patiently waiting.

Thank you, yes, I did manage to get back under the covers, all three of us had a very fitful sleep.  And now.  Another day begins.

PL Calendar day 13 (Perfect Liberty 2019)

Face Challenging Situations with Positive Determination

When you encounter difficulties, boldly take measures to overcome them.  By creatively finding solutions, you will feel the joy in tackling any situation.

PL Principle #5   I will not get angry at anyone or anything.

PL Principle # 7  I will not have a mind to be hasty, worry, nor be pessimistic.

Be happy everyone, it is in our power to be happy, the choice is ours.  Having problems attaining some of your goals, we are here for you.  Always.



dogs – whippet


jet lag- Japan-Canada


Jet lag- stuck in two realities, your body is physically in one place, but the mind,spirit and other sundries are the void somewhere between the two.  In Japan I was up in the wee hours because back home it was daytime.  Now I’m back home and I’m up in the wee hours because in Japan it is daytime.  PL Precept # 15 All is a Mirror


I travelled miles, spent hours in the airports, wandered what seems  days from one terminal to another.  I was in a constant state of “now” yet days later, after finally touching ground and being back on familiar ground, my “now” is still in Japan.  PL Precept # 7  Everything exists in Relativity.


Is this the answer at 2:26 in the morning, spaghetti with anchovies, garlic and olive oil. NO.  One thing that was made clear to me in Japan, was that I needed to cultivate a healthier way of eating, for me that is portion control.


hmmm, I think its time for me to try to go back to bed and find the door to slumber land.  Or I could stay here and be silly with you.  For sanity all around, I will go try to catch some zzzzz’s.  Although my mind is turning over with thoughts on how jet lag is so much like a state of being in another world, one that is parallel to the one we are in.  If only it could be as simple as walking from one room to another, the two worlds are so similar, yet so different. they really are worlds apart.  NOW I’m embraced by both, and physically I can only be in one place at a time.


Namaste        –         Oyashikiri

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When we enter the sleeping quarters, off come the shoes. I found that very symbolic, leave the outside at the door, enter the area where you will lay down and sleep for exactly that, sleep.  All the time I was away, I did not encounter a problem with falling asleep. Didn’t even think about whether or not I would fall asleep, I simply lay down and slept. That is not what usually happens when I’m at home.
I will admit that since I stopped reading in bed, my sleep has improved. No TV, no computers, in the bedroom. Not even a radio. The mind is so easily distracted. The mind is a chatterbox.  if you are wanting to eliminate the need for “sleep aids”, then preparing for a sound sleep is like preparing for a special event, You have to find out what works for you and then work at acquiring the ambiance and atmosphere.
Sleep is so important to our well being.
In order to be able to apply the PL teachings to your day to day life, you first need to know how. That is why in the Church of PL, we offer individual guidance.

I actually received a consultation the other day and came away with insight I had not expected. It is good to be reminded of something you’ve let slip by or forgotten. sometimes just talking  out loud about personal thoughts, and concerns helps, and again sometimes, all we need is someone to “listen”  In PL we are always here for you.

Leave your “shoes” at the door. May your sleep be blessed with a deep and serene bliss.

Yin – Yang

Always there are two sides.   Positive – Negative,  Male, Female, Sun – Moon,    Day- Night, one compliments the other. There are times in my life when I am drawn to the lighter side of life, and other times where I find beauty and wonder in the darker arts.  Yesterday I couldn’t stop reading a historical novel full of love and intrigue.  Today I am deep into the meaning of enlightenment.  I recently picked up the summer issue of Light of Consciousness, thought to take it on the trip with me to read during the long waits between flights.  It proved to have so many articles in it that I wanted to spend time with, i.e. “Visions of the female Buddha” by Deborah Bowman, and Sleep Better with Mindfulness by Joseph Emet  that I couldn’t wait to delve into its pages.  Now of course it will stay here so that I don’t lose it while I’m travelling.   I will pick up lighter fare for the trip, magazines that I won’t mind leaving behind for the next traveler.

In life it is important to continue along the spiritual path towards our goals.    It is also important to know that our goals are not set in stone.  As we develop and “mature” our needs change, what we wanted and needed a few years back, may not be where we are headed today.  It is essential that we take the time to “meditate” and look at the positives as well as the negatives of our “now”, before we move on.  Ask yourself, is it an appropriate time to act.  The time to act is when you have the correct inner attitude, and the commitment to follow through on whatever it is you decide to do.

We are all different and have our own unique personalities and lifestyles.  Therefore, how we practice PL to solve our problems, or to express our true selves will vary.  In consultation with a PL minister, we receive guidance and support that is tailored to our individual needs.

The PL teaching for day 18

The Value of Money and Things Depends on How You Choose to Use Them.  Money and things are materials for your self expression.  Use them to their fullest for the sake of others and society.

July 11 for 12th_003


It is Tuesday – Good Morning -Bom dia – Bonjour

It is Tuesday - Good Morning -Bom dia - Bonour

I’m a morning person, I love waking up to another day, I can accomplish so much in the morning. LOL I know that for others the mornings can be a little more elusive.  Remember the expression,” the early bird gets the worm”?   Is that  still used today =^_^=
Today will be another day of very hot humid temperatures,I thought I’d show you a little hide-a-way that the birds and shade loving visitors like to find in our front garden.  Our dogs will be walked before the heat builds up on the city pavements.

What are you doing today?  Did you have a good night’s sleep? Sleep is so very important to our well being.

My morning prayer grounds me and gets me going.
My evening prayer wraps up my day and nudges me gently on my way.  When for some reason I miss an evening prayer/meditation, sleep may come, but my nocturnal journeys are not the same.

In PL Oshieoya-sama teaches us that in order for us to express our true selves for happiness and the happiness of others, it is important that we live with true faith in God/Universe and pray to the Divine Mother in our daily lives  (God/ Universe/Divine Mother, all ONE)

Have a great day doing whatever you are doing. You are in my prayers always. Blessings!

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