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shovel guitar

Use things for what they are meant for. Everything ha a purpose. Let’s use things to their fullest potential.

Perfect Liberty 2020.26

My son was over for lunch the other day, he has been working on his piano, taken it all apart and has been rebuilding it so that it has the sound he is looking for. While I marveled at the pictures he was showing me of his piano in pieces… I spied the above picture. “Oh that, just a shovel guitar I built for someone who wanted one.” Excuse me, a shovel guitar!! I’d never heard of one, later when I was telling one of my friends, he knew all about ‘shovel guitars” it seems they are used in certain kinds of music. the chap who had wanted this one, was going to play the “slide guitar” on it. I thought it very creative.

One is never too old to learn. It is actually amazing what creative minds can do.

Have a wonderful evening.. I’m off to see if I can catch any videos with a shovel guitar being used. I did hear a clip being played on the one shown.. it really did have the sound of a slide guitar!!!

PL Precept # 2 To live is to express one’s self!

PL Precept # 1 Life is Art.




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  1. I love the idea of a shovel guitar. How creative.

  2. I can’t imagine someone being able to take apart and reassemble a piano! I used to know a kid, then of high school age, who could do that. He built harpsichords and all. I wonder what ever became of him. I hope he’s following his bliss. Tell your son I think he’s amazing!

    • LOl thanks Marian… when he was younger, the piano teacher called me in and said ..”don’t waste your money with lessons”.. she explained that when she sat him down to explain what she wanted, and would play it for him, he would then, simply play it back to her. he has a gift, he loved the guitar and made that his instrument of choice initially, now he is back to the piano, along with whatever else catches his fancy. Did you see the post with the shovel guitar he made? happy holidays dear friend.. sends warm hugs across the miles to you.

    • I’m ok.. this is the blog with the shovel guitar.. LOL.. back to bed for me.. digs around for more cold medication… =^_^=

  3. Hi there, I’m a shovel guitar builder, love someone is interested in this special instrument! Here you can see some of my works https://www.instagram.com/soundiggerguitars and here https://www.pinterest.it/fedelisi/shovel-guitars/

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