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Sunday 27th

Breakfast companion
this little guy is smaller, making his way to the suet on the left.

I’m finding great comfort in spending time with the birds. I’ve even got my trunk set up like a cafeteria, every-thing ready for me to access when I get to the feeding areas. Some days it is just too cold to be fiddling with seed bags that are still factory sealed, Or get to the suet blocks that are still in their retail packaging.

I have been eyeing some of the cameras and the special lens attachments that the serious cameramen are toting. So far I’ve only gotten to the stage where I am making enquiries .. and talking to them about their equipment. The reality at the moment is that by the time I get to the feeders, asses what needs to be replaced, fill and relocate feeder trays etc. I’m usually dealing with frozen fingers.

Live radiantly as the sun. Strive to always be bright and cheerful so you can enliven those around you.

Perfect Liberty 2020.27

Happiness is spending time with YOU.


Comments on: "Sunday 27th" (14)

  1. I like how you captured both the downy and hairy woodpeckers in the second shot. Feeding the birds feeds our souls. šŸ™‚

  2. You haveyour feeding plan down pat. That’s great.

    • LOL, my trunk looks like a storeroom… all the product is layed out for easy access. and one feeder is already filled just waiting placement. Waves and sends you wishes for a happy evening.

  3. The woodpeckers are so entertaining!

  4. Lucky birds that are given so much to eat on a cold day!

    • here were I live, it can get very cold in the winter months, feeding the birds helps them cope with the freezing temperatures. thankfully I am not alone in this task… I enjoy it.. it is very relaxing to go out into the woods where it is quiet.. and when it is a nice day, the birds singing and the fresh air… it is invigorating. waves.. sends a happy greeting your way.

  5. You must be really cold

    • good morning dear Derrick, I dress for the weather, warm vest as well as winter coat, its the fingers and hands that get very cold. Can’t open suet cages and bird feeder doors with gloves on.. at least I’ve not managed it yet. Snowed overnight, slept in, so off to get out t here sooner rather than later… sends warm hugs over the miles…

  6. Any day spent with the birds is brighter. Sounds like you have set up a good routine for filling the feeders.

    • yes, in these days of being alone… social distance, it gives me purpose. and the motivation to get out. Good morning dear friend… waves a sunny smile your way.

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