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Tuesday 18th

A new day .. a new beginning…

Be mindful with prayer. If you work on thigs with a prayerful heart, there will be many things you can be taught.

Perfect Liberty 2023.18

Yesterday I was drawn to a jewelry store, had not been in one for many many years. I was in a shopping center on my way to speak to an internet provider (kiosks are found in the big shopping malls, easy parking/access) I don’t even know what took me into the shop, I have rings I have not worn in years. When my husband passed, I simply put everything away and have only occasionally slipped a ring on .. but never kept it on. Long and short of it, I have now got a ruby ring on my finger.

Rubies are 9.0 on the Mohs hardness rating scale, it trails on the diamond on the list of hardest naturally occurring gems. A ruby can form in marble, which causes a lack of iron, and leads to an intense red colour. They can also form in basalt rocks, giving them a higher iron content, making them darker. They are created deep below the earth’s surface under extreme heat and pressure. It has been awhile since I’ve wanted to feel the connection one can get from handling or having a piece of the “earth” against one’s skin. I wanted to be able to see the ruby, so I got a ring and not a necklace. It s a pretty little thing set in white gold. oval, the setting allows for it to be worn all the time.

“Ruby Meanings, Symbolism, and Folklore

  • The word ruby comes from Latin ruber, meaning red. In Sanskrit, the ruby is called ratnaraj—king of the precious stones.
  • For centuries, rubies have signified passion, protection, and wealth.
  • Ancient warriors in Burma and China adorned their armor with the gem to provide protection in battle. Some went as far as inserting the gems into their flesh, believing it created invincibility.
  • The ruby has become a symbol of love and commitment. It was once thought to protect against misfortune and illness.
  • Early cultures treasured the gem, believing that it held the power of life due to its color association with blood. It has also been thought to remedy bleeding and inflammation, and increase body warmth. ” (taken from internet)

I have not really come to any understanding of why I felt I needed or wanted to have this stone.. but, it will eventually “come to me” Life has been hectic and very busy in many ways.. yet… I have a quiet and very content part of me that I am trying to balance with my day to day activities.

I want to move forward- I want to meet the new season looking ahead and not behind me. A friend suggested to me that I might want to take a trip, go away – but honestly, the thought of taxis, airports, hotels, rushing to get somewhere, doesn’t appeal to me. As another friend said to me, you are not a person who likes to lie in the sun, walk the beaches or swim. I don’t drink, go out at night, party, eat out…so vacation resorts would not be a good fit.

I don’t need to travel someplace to explore and spend time in the outdoors, I do that here. I am no longer interested in the latest and newest fashion trends… in fact… I tend to wear the same old things day in and day out. I call them comfort clothes.

So what gives with the ring… I have no idea,no one knows.. it will eventually come to me (why)… meanwhile, it will be my “spring fling”

OH.. for those of you who know me and my passion for bling… this does not have the bling factor. LOL I know.. it is a new day!

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  1. Isn’t it intriguing how you were drawn to a gem offering a rich history of strength (among other positive qualities)? Wear it well!

    • I know.. I’ve learned over the many years on this earth, that when I’m dealt with an opportunity .. I might not know the reason why, at that moment, but, in time… the light bulb with go on.. … good morning.!

  2. Tuesday here in England reading this so you have made it a ‘Ruby Tuesday’ for me!

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