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all in a day


PL Principle # 3  I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things

We started the day with no clear destination in mind, simply one of our adventures in learning.  The minister I’m working with is from Japan, although he has lived the last six years in Argentina.  Now he is in Canada.  Seeing Canada through someone else’s eyes is very interesting, we are together, so he can learn English, but the reality is that I am learning so much just from sharing his experience with him.


The miles of neat farmhouses, swept past as we made our way down a secondary highway back to the city, “what is that” he exclaimed as we drove by a property that was full to brimming with objects, most who had seen better days.


Having been to Japan, I could well understand his consternation. ” Look” he said “there is the entrance, but no one can enter”  Looking down the lane I could see what he meant.  I was still trying to figure out what to answer him.  The sign said antiques, but….  there was very little space to move between what rows there were. Every available space was taken and from where we were, it looked like the rooms inside were much like the outside. we mutually without verbalizing it, simply moved on. There was no draw, or interest for us.  yet to someone else, this would be a treasure hunter’s paradise.  In French there is an expression, translated says, to each his/her  own.


We did find a treasure of our own, in an eating place that claimed home-made meals, and baking, it was very nice.  Nothing fancy, just good, home cooking and healthy portions.   The whole idea of out outings is for the minister to experience our culture, and what better way then to drive out to the country. See life in the small towns, cross over bridges that span one of our many rivers and abundance of lakes. The snow is not all gone, but spring is on its way,


Never judge a book by its cover, the inside is warm and welcoming, and the food, delicious.  Lots to pick from,  This little gem is outside of Perth. Perth, can you say Perth… it was a lot of fun, hearing it said by the minister, he has a great sense of humour.  No matter how hard he tried, the sounds would not work for him.. It will come in time, but for me… it brought home an awareness of just how spunky he is,  In less than a year, he is already able to read and carry one a conversation, it may be short sentences, and one word at a time, but he is doing it.  I’m so proud of his achievement. His sincere efforts to learn and his application to learning, inspires me, to do better with my projects in life.


When we approach each day like an open page, a vista waiting for the seasons to change, and new beginnings to come into our lives, we are growing, we are taking in new sights even if we have seen them hundreds of times before, each time is different.  No two days are alike, every second is different..  that makes every day an adventure, and a thrill to live,

crocus in full bloom

Look the crocus are in full bloom today … they are happy and singing, with their pretty faces lifted towards the sun,  life is good, it is all in a day, to laugh and play, come what may, we are here today, and loving it…..

namaste      –      oyashikiri

PL Precept # 1     Life is Art

he discovered Tim Bits today!!

Carleton Place,Perth. Smith Falls, Ontario

please, a smile for you?

donkey flowersGood morning, I picked these just for you

 How are you today?  Is it sunny down your way?

Oh dear, what is a shower or two

After all, we are getting to share a moment

Before I have to say adieu..


Yesterday was a wonderful day

I’m sorry I missed my time with you

I knew you would understand

Friends and I, were out on a drive exploring

and simply enjoying the day

Seeing the sights and getting to know each other more

Life would be such a bore,

if we didn’t make time to play


The beauty and wonder of it all

Is that my friends are from Japan,

 I got to show them a small part of Canada

and experience their delight in viewing my homeland

Morrisburg, on St Lawrence River.

We got as far as the St. Lawrence River,

where we could stand, and they could see

our closest neighbour, the United States of America

crops soybean

Farmer’s fields were newly sewn, some early crops were to be seen

Everything was green, as far as the eyes could see

Language barriers vanished when the sharing

was the visual all around  us

country living, sheep

In Perfect LIberty, we truly believe that Life is for Living

and that Life is Art

Rev. Atsushi, Rev. Mamoru and I had a exquisite day yesterday

we put our full Makoto (heart/sincerity)  into what we did

the day will be a memory that will last for a very long time

In sharing it with you, we hope that it

will bring a smile to your day.

donkey smile

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

Happy start of a new week



Good Morning Everyone….

Time to hit the road, time to travel along a  route not followed before. Finding the secondary roads that will lead past delightful vistas that will please the visual senses.  There was a time when cars did not have air conditioning, we drove with the windows down.  We could smell the various odours our climate brings to our faculties that carry the “notes” to the brain. The heat on the dusty roads, the vegetation parched waiting for rain, or the moisture from the lake wafting   up so that for the seconds we pass, we smell the algae, hear the frogs, even see fish leaping out of the water, depending on how close we were to t he water’s edge.  How different our rides were, we seldom went by water on a hot day without seeing boats, and people near or on the water participating in water activities.  Enjoying the outdoors was what the summer days were all about.

Now it just isn’t the same, super highways and main roads take us away from the populated areas, and when we do pass playgrounds, picnic areas, and lakes, often they are  void of people.  Where is everyone, and what are they doing?  Not only that often when we drive by farmland, I’m saddened to see bare grazing land, and often scenes like this.


and this, I can’t help but wonder at what the building was like in another time, and how full of laughter,tears and sorrows must have transpired for it to now be but a memory.


Let us start today dear friends, to live with our best intentions to make this a week a time to remember. Lets say thank you and show appreciation for the people who are close to us. Give thanks for the moments shared as we make our way on this road of life.  It is our journey and we are never alone.

In response to your requests, here are a couple of toe tappers =^_^=  and I do agree with you all, no matter your personal beliefs, the words and feelings of these tunes leave you JOYFUL ..


Namaste   – Oyashikiri

Funny how time slips away

places time forgot -monica roberts Pinterest (central coast)

This picture* was taken somewhere along the Central Coast, farmland,ocean, ocean, farmland with some nice mountains thrown in along the way for good measure.  I talk a lot about quiet, contemplation and the living life as it it presented to you.  Being unique each and every one of us, experiences life in a different way.  No matter how grown up I get,I never cease to be amazed at how much I am touched by another human beings courage, or determination in the face of challenging news or obstacles that are put in their paths.

places time forgot 2 peter young1 flickr

No matter how difficult today seems, when you have that piercing moment of stabbing pain and doubt, remember that it is only a passing segment in you life, and that tomorrow will be another day.  Actually in an hours time, this moment will be part of history.

LOL how often of late do I hear, darn I forgot what I came in to do, or I know I left my glasses somewhere, for me its my car keys, they turn up, inanimate objects get put down, or left behind when something new (thought/phone call/distraction) comes along.

places time forgot - found on 28dayslater.co.uk

In PL, there is a Principle that I have to work hard at everyday to do my best to live in this way.  It is PL Principle #2, I will not have complaints about others, matters, nor the weather. Rather I will always be creative and will look for shortcomings in my own thinking and actions.   Principle #6 – I will not be stubborn, being captured by my own thoughts.  There are only 21 principles in PL (Perfect Liberty) but by golly, each one packs a mitt full of lessons to work on …  My challenge every day is to try and bring each one into my life as my journey through the day progresses.

It helps me to be reminded to leave the past in the past, and to remember that what is important is what I am doing right now, this very moment. ( I smile thinking of you as I write this knowing that you will be reading my words sometime later today.)  A friend asked me who I am speaking to when I get personal … I’m speaking to each and ever pair of eyes that wander through my thoughts with me. I feel very blessed to have met you through this blog.  And believe me when I say that I appreciate each and everyone of you, I’ll never tire of our friendship, it will change, it will flow, and it will grow.  That is what life is all about.

places time forgot - blogs4fun271.blogspot.com  Thanh Bath

WE are not inanimate objects, we are a life form, part of the Universe, we survive and regroup, we are like the moss and the lush green forest that reclaims what time forgets.  It is a slow process, but the growth is life.  Life is beautiful in all its stages.

Ireland,heavens trail alianne Heemslerk

Ireland – Heaven’s Trail – every two years, (June 10-18) the stars line up with this path. Time – Funny how it slips away =^_^=

Now is always the start of something new. – Have a greet Saturday everyone! You are in my prayers – Oyashikiri


* posted by Monica Roberts -Pinterest

** the land that time forgot, by Peteryoung1 on flickr

*** found on 28dayslater.co.uk

**** blogs4fun271.blogspot.com

**** – Ireland, via Alianne Hemmsherk

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