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all in a day


PL Principle # 3  I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things

We started the day with no clear destination in mind, simply one of our adventures in learning.  The minister I’m working with is from Japan, although he has lived the last six years in Argentina.  Now he is in Canada.  Seeing Canada through someone else’s eyes is very interesting, we are together, so he can learn English, but the reality is that I am learning so much just from sharing his experience with him.


The miles of neat farmhouses, swept past as we made our way down a secondary highway back to the city, “what is that” he exclaimed as we drove by a property that was full to brimming with objects, most who had seen better days.


Having been to Japan, I could well understand his consternation. ” Look” he said “there is the entrance, but no one can enter”  Looking down the lane I could see what he meant.  I was still trying to figure out what to answer him.  The sign said antiques, but….  there was very little space to move between what rows there were. Every available space was taken and from where we were, it looked like the rooms inside were much like the outside. we mutually without verbalizing it, simply moved on. There was no draw, or interest for us.  yet to someone else, this would be a treasure hunter’s paradise.  In French there is an expression, translated says, to each his/her  own.


We did find a treasure of our own, in an eating place that claimed home-made meals, and baking, it was very nice.  Nothing fancy, just good, home cooking and healthy portions.   The whole idea of out outings is for the minister to experience our culture, and what better way then to drive out to the country. See life in the small towns, cross over bridges that span one of our many rivers and abundance of lakes. The snow is not all gone, but spring is on its way,


Never judge a book by its cover, the inside is warm and welcoming, and the food, delicious.  Lots to pick from,  This little gem is outside of Perth. Perth, can you say Perth… it was a lot of fun, hearing it said by the minister, he has a great sense of humour.  No matter how hard he tried, the sounds would not work for him.. It will come in time, but for me… it brought home an awareness of just how spunky he is,  In less than a year, he is already able to read and carry one a conversation, it may be short sentences, and one word at a time, but he is doing it.  I’m so proud of his achievement. His sincere efforts to learn and his application to learning, inspires me, to do better with my projects in life.


When we approach each day like an open page, a vista waiting for the seasons to change, and new beginnings to come into our lives, we are growing, we are taking in new sights even if we have seen them hundreds of times before, each time is different.  No two days are alike, every second is different..  that makes every day an adventure, and a thrill to live,

crocus in full bloom

Look the crocus are in full bloom today … they are happy and singing, with their pretty faces lifted towards the sun,  life is good, it is all in a day, to laugh and play, come what may, we are here today, and loving it…..

namaste      –      oyashikiri

PL Precept # 1     Life is Art

he discovered Tim Bits today!!

Carleton Place,Perth. Smith Falls, Ontario

a quiet interlude

cave,Fingal's in Scotland  Isle of Staffa

Fingal’s Cave off the coast of Scotland

Good Morning, thought I’d share a little more of yesterday’s experience.  Like many others around me, I live life at a rather “active” pace.  True not always, I know to take breaks, and  have a slow down time, the key words here, are I know… just because I know, doesn’t mean that I do it.  I was happy yesterday to disrobe and get on the waiting table in the small room I’d been assigned to.  Nothing magical, just a quiet place, soothing music and the implements used for doing facials.  The table was the ordinary table used in spas, and salons all over.  The table had been prepared, the colours of the towels and sheets were calm, soothing colours, the terry towels were big a fluffy.  Already I could feel myself relaxing, and when I slipped unto the table and felt the warmth on my back (the table was heated) I knew I had made a good choice.

Our minds are chatty little characters,  often even if we want to rest and know we are tired, the little voice just keeps babbling away at times like a broken record. I closed my eyes, letting the moment surround me.  I was getting a holistic facial, the herbal fragrances were intoxicating, never mind the knowing trained hands working their magic. My mind began to still, my thoughts drifted into quiet spaces that’s I’d found along the way and wanted to explore.

cave, Greece

Melissani Cave, Greece

There is no rhyme or reason for where the thoughts will drift.  The mind and body are strongly connected and tuned to one another.  When the body begins to let go and release pent-up stress, the mind feeling less smothered and pressured, will also relax.  Being able to find, quiet moments where the body truly let’s go of the daily ritual of “activity” is an awesome experience.  It really truly is.

IMG_1150 - Copy

The promise of spring, a new season, when we see the first signs of new growth peaking through the soil…. this is rejuvenation.  we see it and we love the discovery, it is pleasing, it is a new moment. Our bodies deserve the same care and attention that we give to our gardens, our hobbies, crafts, work, it is ours.

IMG_1147 - Copy

When we invest in ourselves, in having a facial, a massage, a skin and body treatment, we are looking after ourselves, the part of us that often is taken for granted until it nudges and pushes back at us.

 PL Precept# 20   Live Maintaining Equilibrium between Mind and Matter

Having a quiet interlude, enjoying the moment, was a re-energizing experience.  I had booked a full hour of body massage after the facial, needless to say, my mind took itself to exactly where it wanted to be…. my smile was a mile wide… total immersion in a happy reverie is good for the soul, you really should try it.

crocus in snow

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

ps. am I still smiling, you betcha!

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