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a quiet interlude

cave,Fingal's in Scotland  Isle of Staffa

Fingal’s Cave off the coast of Scotland

Good Morning, thought I’d share a little more of yesterday’s experience.  Like many others around me, I live life at a rather “active” pace.  True not always, I know to take breaks, and  have a slow down time, the key words here, are I know… just because I know, doesn’t mean that I do it.  I was happy yesterday to disrobe and get on the waiting table in the small room I’d been assigned to.  Nothing magical, just a quiet place, soothing music and the implements used for doing facials.  The table was the ordinary table used in spas, and salons all over.  The table had been prepared, the colours of the towels and sheets were calm, soothing colours, the terry towels were big a fluffy.  Already I could feel myself relaxing, and when I slipped unto the table and felt the warmth on my back (the table was heated) I knew I had made a good choice.

Our minds are chatty little characters,  often even if we want to rest and know we are tired, the little voice just keeps babbling away at times like a broken record. I closed my eyes, letting the moment surround me.  I was getting a holistic facial, the herbal fragrances were intoxicating, never mind the knowing trained hands working their magic. My mind began to still, my thoughts drifted into quiet spaces that’s I’d found along the way and wanted to explore.

cave, Greece

Melissani Cave, Greece

There is no rhyme or reason for where the thoughts will drift.  The mind and body are strongly connected and tuned to one another.  When the body begins to let go and release pent-up stress, the mind feeling less smothered and pressured, will also relax.  Being able to find, quiet moments where the body truly let’s go of the daily ritual of “activity” is an awesome experience.  It really truly is.

IMG_1150 - Copy

The promise of spring, a new season, when we see the first signs of new growth peaking through the soil…. this is rejuvenation.  we see it and we love the discovery, it is pleasing, it is a new moment. Our bodies deserve the same care and attention that we give to our gardens, our hobbies, crafts, work, it is ours.

IMG_1147 - Copy

When we invest in ourselves, in having a facial, a massage, a skin and body treatment, we are looking after ourselves, the part of us that often is taken for granted until it nudges and pushes back at us.

 PL Precept# 20   Live Maintaining Equilibrium between Mind and Matter

Having a quiet interlude, enjoying the moment, was a re-energizing experience.  I had booked a full hour of body massage after the facial, needless to say, my mind took itself to exactly where it wanted to be…. my smile was a mile wide… total immersion in a happy reverie is good for the soul, you really should try it.

crocus in snow

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

ps. am I still smiling, you betcha!

dedication and faith

Panoramic view of the Greek-Orthodox monasteries of Meteora

greek-orthodox monasteries of Meteora

There was a time when our desire to pray and be closer to God/Universe was seen in the physical world around us.  Many dedicated their lives to the practice of living only for that  purpose.

St  Stephen's Holy Monastery

A closer look at St. Stephen’s Holy Monastery, it was not built as high as the others, (during 16th century) it was badly damaged during world war 2 by the Nazis and abandoned.  However dedicated nuns, came back and reconstructed it and are living and praying there today.

We no longer feel that we need to remove ourselves from the world around us, we know that God is everywhere and lives within us.  The majority  of us, need to live and provide for ourselves and family. It is sometimes hard to remember to make time for ourselves  Precious time where we reconnect to the Spirit within.


I understand wanting to live where i can be with others who share my dedication to serving and being of service, to attain this, one must climb a steep and rocky path.  In one of the monasteries I read about, the only access was by rope ladders and nets.  Replacement happened only when “God  let one break”


wherever you are, today is the present

 you will only live it once

live it so that you will not have any regrets

 life is…..you are

no more ….. no less.

namaste …..- ….. oyashikiri

monasteries of Meteora are listed by UNESCO as world heritage sites (Babamail).
journeytohimalayas.com Phugtal Gompa, Buddhist monastery

Welcome Thursday, goedendag

caves, kunkeld,Scotland

A hermit slept, deep within a cave

so deep was her slumber she slept a decade

when finally she awoke

the moss was thick and the waters ran clear

cave Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Paris, France

in the cave she felt protected, she was calm

but blue skies beckoned and  birds called

soon,she felt the longing for the sun on her face

and to once more know the joy of all the seasons

winter, spring, summer and fall

with trusting heart she responded to the call

for she knew, and believed, this need, came to her for a reason


Sometimes when we listen to our inner voice……it comes from the heart…… In stepping outside her comfort zone …..she found a new world of sights and sounds..that offered new choices. It is easy to hide, and stay where we feel safe…. but … without new challenges  to expand our horizons, there is no “out” or “escape”  from our self-imposed mental cage.

Life is to be lived.  Value your Intuition, if you feel stifled, if current situations in life no longer stimulate and excite your passions, take heed, notice what you are feeling.  Happiness is a state of mind that only you can give yourself.

Spiritual maturity requires diligence and Makoto (sincerity)

Namaste – Oyashikiri

* the Caves, Kunkeld Scotland-Pinterest

***The cave waterfall,Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Paris, France (the ultimatephotos.blogspot.com)

*** clutteredgypsy.tumblr.com

Happy Saturday everyone!

cave found flickr


Maintain a prayerful mind, put your heart (sincerity) into everything you do and think.  If you hold stress and worry in your mind, they will manifest themselves in your body as tension and pain. When you seek balance,  thankfulness and joy in your mind, your body will  radiate good  health (Tao)

cave,cueva de Pozalagua by Sergio Laburu on Flickr

Cueva de Pozalagua is located in the limestone of the Penas de Ranero in Spain.  The entrance is located in an abandoned dolomite quarry (Dolores Mariena)

kiss 1



*Pinterest (Robin Kennedy)

** Cueva de Pozalagua by Sergio Laburu on Flickr

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