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dedication and faith

Panoramic view of the Greek-Orthodox monasteries of Meteora

greek-orthodox monasteries of Meteora

There was a time when our desire to pray and be closer to God/Universe was seen in the physical world around us.  Many dedicated their lives to the practice of living only for that  purpose.

St  Stephen's Holy Monastery

A closer look at St. Stephen’s Holy Monastery, it was not built as high as the others, (during 16th century) it was badly damaged during world war 2 by the Nazis and abandoned.  However dedicated nuns, came back and reconstructed it and are living and praying there today.

We no longer feel that we need to remove ourselves from the world around us, we know that God is everywhere and lives within us.  The majority  of us, need to live and provide for ourselves and family. It is sometimes hard to remember to make time for ourselves  Precious time where we reconnect to the Spirit within.


I understand wanting to live where i can be with others who share my dedication to serving and being of service, to attain this, one must climb a steep and rocky path.  In one of the monasteries I read about, the only access was by rope ladders and nets.  Replacement happened only when “God  let one break”


wherever you are, today is the present

 you will only live it once

live it so that you will not have any regrets

 life is…..you are

no more ….. no less.

namaste …..- ….. oyashikiri

monasteries of Meteora are listed by UNESCO as world heritage sites (Babamail).
journeytohimalayas.com Phugtal Gompa, Buddhist monastery

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