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unrequited love

From the very first moment that I caught sight of you

I knew you meant something to me

There was something about the way you  stood

So proud, so regal, so totally beautiful

I really wanted to see more of you.

For days I saw you in my dreams,

I spoke of you, I asked about you, I wanted to know all about you.

No one could tell me anything, you were a mystery

I persisted, I called around, a friend went out to try and find you

She wrote her excursion had not been successful

Finally I drove down the highway where I’d first seen you

Be still my heart, there you were, in daylight you even looked more appealing

I got out and walked near you, as I got closer I saw  you were older than I thought

It didn’t matter, you had captivated and captured my heart

Jeep and trip to Embrum 149

knowing nothing about you, and not being able to get access to information about you

All I could do was to admire what i saw

Yes I saw you had really lived your life at one time with someone who had  really

spent a lot of time with you

Now it appeared you had been cast aside,

probably for a younger model.

Jeep and trip to Embrum 146

Had I the space I’d take you home and let you graze in the pasture

With gentle breezes and flowers in the meadow

Jeep and trip to Embrum 138

Somehow I know the neighbours will just not want you on our front lawn

I’ve taken pictures, and I want you to know

That although I can’t have you with me, you will always have a place in my heart

Jeep and trip to Embrum 137

For now your seats are empty and you aren’t going to go far

but.. you’ve earned your rest  the mileage you’ve put on, the challenges you’ve lived

have given you the right to call it a day… I hope someone else will find you some day

and enjoy your  as I have..  I cannot bring you home, I can’t own you,

but by golly I sure can appreciate you, yes, just the way you are.

bear hugs

If  I could wrap my arms around the Jeep to hug it, I would.

Sharing her with you is all I can do for now

Blessings everyone!!

Namaste  -Oyashikiri

Comments on: "unrequited love" (4)

  1. Feminine and Feline said:

    That is some true love right there.

  2. What a nice tribute, Dymoon!

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