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Days gone by

Jeep and trip to Embrum 151

The other day I drove past a small Baptist Church.  I couldn’t help but wonder, what it had been like several decades ago.  The town it is in is not all that big, and it has several churches.  This is one of them.  Back in its day, the town was active, and bustling with activity.  There are still many working farms in the communities.  Do the small churches still  fill up and bubble over with the voices of growing families and animated children?

Jeep and trip to Embrum 160 This is one I found on the back road as I wound my  way down the quiet highway towards another small town in the townships.  I stopped the car in both instances, and walked up to and around the buildings.  You can see that there is a cemetery next to the Presbyterian church.  Reading tombstones is a wonderful way to pass the time and take in the history of a place.  There is something very valuable in remembering and giving thanks to ancestors and their contributions to what “is” today.

Jeep and trip to Embrum 169My journey that day took me past miles of tended farmer’s fields, plowed and ready for the next growing season.  It was a relaxing drive, I found that my mind emptied as the  landscapes changed.  The beauty of being on an open road with a clear blue sky above, and the zillion shapes and colors of autumn formed  a gallery of unique artwork just for me.  I was on a natural high.

Jeep and trip to Embrum 154

Monotone you say!  no way, it is a master piece I say..Never take for granted the food on your plate. Think back to days gone by, when farmers came from all around to pray in the small churches in the towns and villages.  Working hard all week, then Sundays gathering with friends for shared community and song. Traditions are being lost and forgotten.  Remember when you drive along a country road,  to look at the vistas you are passing.  When you look and see a barn that has lost part of its roof, and the walls are falling in on themselves, remember that at one time it had a purpose, it is a testament of another time.  One that got us to where we are today.

Jeep and trip to Embrum 183

I left home with no expectations, and was treated to a day filled with wonders, and amazing moments.  I felt deep gratitude, the Universe blessed me with a precious gift.   A glimpse of life in another time,, an appreciation of days gone by.


Namaste – Oyashikiri

Pictures by Q (driving from Winchester to Embrum)

Comments on: "Days gone by" (3)

  1. velcro2424 said:

    Great pictures .. Great comments ..Food for thought!

  2. Wonderful reflections and snap shots of the relics of a cycle of life where decay and rebirth are the two sides of the same coin. The plowed dormant field especially reflects this state of waiting to be replenished. Just like the churches, in a cycle or dormancy, waiting for faith to be reborn.
    Have a good day all
    Christianne, Ottawa PL church

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