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Chop Suey Thursday

in flight 4.26.17

Colours of my day…… of late instead of writing in a journal, I do a colour piece, mixed media,  these pieces, are either stand alone, or I will use them for backgrounds to other works I might be inspired to do.


Colour plays a part in my day.  I love colours that speak loud and clear. Probably because I like life to be clear and uncomplicated.  I spent part of today, calling what friends of my Mother’s that are still around to let them know the memorial is coming up soon.  Like her, they are up there in age.  It is more a courtesy call, to let them know so they are not forgotten.  The memorial will take place right down town, not convenient for parking.


As beautiful as they are, all flowers eventually wilt , dry up and fall off.  They are so vibrant and joyful when in bloom.  I feel so alive, so bad ass healthy.  Too bad, when I catch a glance in a mirror, I’m not sure who the person looking back at me is.  I say to myself, I’m like the bark on a stately tree, I get better with age.

To celebrate my husband’s birthday, we had dessert.. which is not something we do often.  There are advantages to celebrate the passing of time =^_^=


PL Precept #18  Each moment is a turning Point.

PL#21   Live in Perfect Liberty

Comments on: "Chop Suey Thursday" (10)

  1. I love the purple eggplants & flowers and baby sloth!

  2. Moz Loordes said:

    I’m having a painful day today, but your painting cheered me up – I can see birdies in it 🙂

    • now stop it! you just made me smile, a grin from ear to ear.. inworld, I have found an AV that is making me silly silly it is a Roou, I’m pleased my expression “speak ” to you.. if you know a designer that does mesh, I want some clothes for her. There is a designer who does clothes, but she does a lot of other builds.. and she does have a life… If I can get someone to do a basic mesh for me I can take it from there., just to do my own wardrobe.. Just asking, you are in touch with SL more than I am these days.. muah..

      • Moz Loordes said:

        Well, I tell you what Dymoon, Meli Imako makes full perm mesh apparel and if you join her Inworld group, you can put in a request. secondlife:///app/group/f5d8628a-a791-e3bd-25bd-13d42e8a3c53/about

  3. Happy birthday to your husband! Much love, hugs and muahs to you.

    • Thanks I’m so tired these days.. I could fall asleep standing up.. actually .. not good idea, I discovered, it hurts when you fall

      • Me too with the tired part — just not getting restful sleep with the goings on here but part of the problem just ended as hubby’s off night shift so that will help some! Get back to a natural bio-rhythm again! Yes, falling does hurt, done that a few times! Get some rest my friend.

  4. like purple

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