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Thursday Doors -3.16.17

When a dream dies

memories of the estatewhen dreams die

Once a dream

now a memory

PL Precept # 7  Everything exists in Relativity

Each day is a new canvas.. live it to the fullest


caught in time


There are moments when I am caught up in what I see.  We were in a drive through, when suddenly an ordinary moment became one of dimension and depth.


I was drawn into another world, each blade, each stem took on personality of its own. I wanted to capture that moment, and I did.  It all took place in probably less than a minute.



PL Precept #19

Begin Once you Perceive

Even now, hours later, when I look at that moment in time, these pictures, speak volumes to me. I want to experience every blade. each leaf, and discover the marvel of the textures in the bark

How awesome.  Simplicity, I was inspired, I took action, and I’m blessed now with the happy feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction… Life is good.I so love being part of it.  Thank you for sharing the journey with me. =^_^=

Namaste       –       Oyashikiri

Signs – inspiration is everywhere

While in Japan, I was struck in all directions by sights and sounds that were new to me.  I loved the different signs and huge billboards that we passed while enroute to our final destination.  I’m funny that way, I enjoy visual and tactile sensory delights.  I can sit for hours watching a Chinese New Year extravaganza on the telly, not understand a word, but be totally captivated by the colours and the sounds of singing, laughter & happiness that come to my  ears.  This is a sign that intrigued me while I strolled about taking pictures.  I had fun thinking of what it could be saying to me.



The scene behind it was one of mystery and natural beauty.  Fantasy? Medieval? Science Fiction? it caught my imagination.



In my mind’s eye I could see the vegetation that was so dense and lush, sheltering small animals and perhaps little fairy communities.  I was tempted to climb over the fence to explore  However, I was not dressed for exploring in thick overgrown vegetation and I had no one nearby that I could ask.  It was evening, and the sun was going down, so I listened to my “inner voice” and was content with knowing I had taken a picture of this inspiring view.  Today I remember to ask Rev. Eugene for a translation of the sign -” Danger! Do not play here”   was what the pretty sign said.  It was a warning sign.

The other sign that I liked was No Parking on the Street.



Such an everyday sign.  but written in Japanese characters, and to my foreign eyes, it was a pretty picture.

All this to say -enjoy new discoveries, listen to your inner voice, dare to explore, the path will open up when we let go and let “God”  Always carry a good dose of common sense in your traveling bag.  Never leave home without it. Divine Nature/God is ALWAYS with us.  “Even if you don’t have what you need, you will find a way.”  Think creatively….. remember Life is ART………………

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