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exercise in Nothing

nothing 1Good morning everyone.. thinking to be smart, I thought I would take a picture of nothing (* wink) =^_*=     I believe that nothing is always something.

Aim at the sky.  darn, even when I thought it was open space.. look, its sky with different hues of blue. look even the sun peaked in.

hmmm nothing on the door, let’s take a picture of nothing there.

nothing 7. door 5.7Little rascal,

evades me again, Nothing is the door!

OK, I spun around quickly and shot Nothing behind me..

nothing 3Can you see Nothing…

Nope, concrete, wood and vegetation.  Nothing is always SOMETHING.

So, next time someone  asks you, “what are you doing” and you say “NOTHING” ………………………. or when you are asked, what are you thinking, and you reply “NOTHING” ………………………. what are you saying, what do you mean?


image1 sending kisses


Wordless Wednesday – bird house

birdhouse 2

Oh dear, was the mess cleaned up?

wet birdhouse

Ohhhhh, I think it is still wet….

PL Precept # 16  All things progress and develop

Positives – the girls finished painting the bird house

– they didn’t wait for more paint, they used what they had

– faced with a challenge, they took the opportunity to get it done another way

PL Principle #3  I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.



continuation from yesterday’s blog





Sometimes,it takes awhile

2013-01-19 July 8 misc 005Sometimes,it takes awhile

I once was wild about working with gourds. I built or created a bird house with one. It hung from a tree in the back garden. with time and weather it fell and the neck broke off. For some reason I was loath to just throw it away. The main body was rehung, but I kept the neck saving it till I could get back to it. I know that each and every other artist out there has done this in some way, the part of a song that you just can’t finish or get that special riff for. I moved this broken piece of gourd from one place in my work space to another.
Finally this past spring, it was just what I needed to try a new product with.
Once I had made up my mind, things just began to happen.
I can turn it in different directions, and each side gives me a different “story” “view”.. I had no idea what it was, or what to do with it. but.. the finished product made me smile and made me happy.  It was a visual tactile expression I needed to express at that time!  No more no less.

There is a teaching in PL. Once you make up your mind, things will happen. Once you decide you are going to do something, your enthusiasm and focus (mindfulness) will bring forth results. God/Universe will give you aid when you need it most.

Living life as Art, means, go with the flow, create and express yourself, the challenges in life are there to allow us to grow and stretch our talents.  God/TAO is everywhere, and in all things.  Always.  Strive to live in Perfect Liberty  (PL)

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