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Chop Suey Saturday

background 7.29.17e

off in the distance,

under the afternoon skies

they saw the same grouping

that they were looking at

just down the path

half covered by vines

background 7.29.17

Neither spoke

they stood rooted on the spot

another mystery

to be uncovered

journey doll 7.29.17c

Yvette arrived earlier

Clementine was due next week

excitement was building

Rosie promised she would

let them explore her

chest of drawers

they still had no idea

where the music came from

it happened when she was

working in her room,

and now, double statues

3 maidens high above

and 3 maidens on the ground

somewhere there was a clue

quietly no words spoken

they turned

walking deeper into the gardens.

chest or coffin 7.22.17

neither saw the chest hidden further in

from where they had been standing.


PL Precept # 18  Each moment is a Turning Point


NB * ongoing

dissatisfactions and complaints


happy not

not a happy face, nope, no joy found here

tired, weather worn and ragged

life has left an imprint of a bitter

state of mind

spent in the company of

dissatisfaction and complaints

hand of the past_edited-1

we, each and every one of us

is entitled to happiness

and the joy of living in a world

full of promise and hope

past charm

true, what was,

sometimes fades with the

changing seasons

but it is what is inside that counts

happy and even sad memories

make up our past

yet here we are

starting a brand new day

Sharon springs 8

our lives continue

like sparkling  spring water flowing

over the dips and valleys

happily gurgling along

over the variety of rocks

there really is no other choice, but to go with the flow

so why not use what dissatisfaction

and momentary complaints that come our way

as catalysts to improve and change our days

so that happiness is the mainstay

of our  daily “every day” lives.

Sharon Springs 5

appreciate whatever comes your way

the shade you see, will soon shift and fade away


namaste         –          oyashikiri

Happiness is… … discovering

Scotland,southof isle of Skye- fairy pools

Every day, I look for inspiration for my meditation/prayer and this blog.  Today I travelled to Scotland, I’ve not been personally but my sister and nephew have, both have come back with stories and pictures of a magical place.

Scotland, Braveheart's legacy by KilianI also found this text, by Peekytoe Crow, the picture that will follow the text is what inspired this person to write what they did.  His/her words are worth sharing with you today.

People universally tend to think that happiness is a stroke of luck, something that will maybe descend upon you like fine weather if you are fortunate enough. But that’s not how happiness works. Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. And once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it…

tree trunk


This was my next find.

Being at Peace

and being who you are …  that is

Being yourself …   are one.

Your only opportunity to be at peace

is Now.

Make peace with the present moment…

The secret in life, of success and happiness

is to be ONE with life…

Life is the dancer, and you are the dance.  

Scottish fairy pools in Skye


I love being open to what the day will bring my way.  Sometimes I’m ready for it, other times I may not be, but how wonderful it is that from day-to-day a new canvas, new opportunities appear.  In everything we strive to do, maintain makoto (sincerity) in your heart, the Universe/God will see you through today and beyond.    Always and Forever.

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

Feliz dezesseis – Happy 16th. mid week,mid month!

cherry blossom train, via Bethanane - flickr

Good Morning everyone!

For those of you old enough to remember there used to be a commercial on the radio, it was a catchy little tune, “double your pleasure, double your fun,… blah blah blah gum, ”  That is you coming down the track, and soon, you’ll have a choice to make, which track will you be on today. Surprise! no matter which one you take, you will have other choices to make.   Whether you go right or left, the vista will be different, and the journey a bit shorter or longer, but guess what… you.. the engine or caboose, will be the same.  Passengers (thoughts) may get off and on, on and off, but the train is there for the purpose of riding the rails.  So ride the tracks you will, and with each journey your passengers will change in number, size and shape. (relate them to your thoughts, experiences,challenges)

abandoned, found on fb

You can choose to see the journey you are on as something  that continuously  brings you through repeated miseries, or you enjoy the ride for what it is.  An opportunity to enjoy the different stages of life that surround you.  The challenges you are given in life, help yo grow stronger/wiser.  When you come across an area that seems bleak and sad, take a closer look, step back, look at the character of the build, see the vines that in summer will grow lush and green and possibly bloom with flowers. Elevate your optimism, become a better friend to your self.  The train will keep moving, in a few minutes, miles, your whole world will take on a different look, feel and ambiance.  There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.  Know!  Believe! Have faith!

train,tunnelBoost “happy” brain waves –  S M I L E .… over and over I encourage you to  S M I L E   why?  because it works.  A Swiss research study*  showed that when you spend 5 minutes a day, thinking of something that pleases you, and smiling so your eyes crinkle, your brain is tricked into being more upbeat..   There are times when we just don’t want to smile, we need to feel the sadness, or pain we are feeling, just know that by the next train station, that need will have passed.   Double your pleasure, double your fun, keep a smile on your  face, and stick to your guns.  Happiness is hard won, but win you will when you reach for the sun! =^_^=

snile,found on buzzfeed

Gatcha!  You gotta smile!

Blessings be… Oyashikiri

*Woman’s World,4.14.




Equal billing!

Equal billing!

Fair is Fair, a dog one day, a cat the next. News travels fast in the animal kingdom. LOL They have abilities we don’t.

Good Saturday to you!
A week-end, oh what to do.=^_^= I know what is on my agenda, Rev Eugene and his family have finally arrived! I hope you all have a great day. If you are well into your day, I hope that so far it has been a rousing success.

Remember that every moment of every day is a new possibility, make it count!

PL Precept #1    LIFE IS ART

Reminder – Tomorrow 21st.  PL teaches that the surest way to be blessed is to appreciate all the blessings we have received. Through our participation in the Thanksgiving Service every month, Oshieoya-sama gives us a practical way to perform this teaching.

Blessings everyone! Be Happy!

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