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floral delight


img_1691 jan 19

A stumbling block to the pessimist is a stepping stone to the optimist – Eleanor Roosevelt

PL calendar day 20

Find a good balance between your present and past experiences.  Without forgetting your original intent, continue to develop your own path by also relying on your knowledge and experience.

I came home today to find a beautiful floral piece with miniature fairy lights.  The lights  twinkle and dance merrily in their space.  The display is  magical. Even on the grayest of days, they will be an inspiration.  =^_^=


PL Precept #1  Life is Art


maintain a positive attitude

taken by Atsuko Tsuji in Japan Jan.26.16

Feel the positive and energizing energy coming from this photo, the composition, the colours, the presentation.  I can inhale and imagine the fragrance of the fresh flowers.

Be positive today. # 26  Maintain a Positive Attitude and wisdom will come to you.

” Worrying will prevent you from having good ideas.  Stay positive and you will find a solution.”  PL Calendar

O sentiment positive gera sabedoria

Del sentimiento positive nace la sabiduria



today’s photo was taken by PL member Atsuko Tsuji a talented artist/photographer (Japan)




Southern Gospel

Sometimes a song will come to you and it stays, this song I heard for the first time maybe a couple of months ago, and it has since been with me almost daily I hear myself humming it in the car and whenever I’m feeling a need for a pick me up.  It was a song I heard on the internet, so I wasn’t able to just play it when I wanted, but I loved the song.  While wandering through a thrift shop one day, I was looking for music for my mother who enjoys gospel, one of the CDs I found was called Southern Gospel, Share the Joy, it was an artist sampler from 1999.  I added it to the pile I had found for my Mother paid and left the store.  When giving the disks to my Mother, this one somehow got missed and was still in my car.  I put it in the player and imagine my surprise when the 3rd son in was Ivan Parker singing “he’s on Time”

Now let me be clear here, I grew up in a house with music, Big Bands and the like,my favourite stations were the ones I could get from American stations that played Motown, dooWop and the like.  I was an R & B (Rhythm and Blues) enthusiast.  While my friends listened to Pat Boone, Elvis Presley and Everly Brothers, my Mother would listen to Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn.  Whatever genre of music you enjoy, you enjoy it because it speaks to you, it weaves its magic and pulls on your feelings.  When I went through a phase of writing songs, I found that my writing lent itself to the new country that was becoming popular.  When I traveled the roads playing in clubs, we were mainly an R & B band that would include a mix of the  new country that rocked.  However when we found ourselves booked in a club that was mainly a honky tonk country “joint” we had to adjust.  Agents would send us anywhere they could book us. That was what life was like on the road.  We learned to make the best of where we were,  not only did we learn to expand our horizons, we met wonderful people  and learned about cultures  totally foreign to us. Bonus we saw amazing landscapes in all 4 seasons as we drove from one gig to the other.

Austria landscape by Dmitris Belokons  easyideas.info

Even when you put all your efforts into something, you may find yourself on a different road then you thought you were on. No matter where you are, you are always where you should be. Once you realize that this is where you are, look around and see just where you have landed.  Take a look, and a second one if you need to, life is a blessing we are here to experience the various journeys, challenges included.  If you are unhappy with the present, by travelling away from your unhappiness you will discover that you will have traveled with a hitch hiker…  happiness is a state of mind, it isn’t a commodity that can be bought or sold.


Flowers for you today, fellow travelers on this road we are traveling …you touch my heart, I thank you over and over for you “friendships”  I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

    Namaste     –   Oyashikiri


** Austria Landscapes by Dmitris Belokons (found on easyidea.info)

*** arrangement by Crossroads Florist, Mahwah,NJ

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