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taking ownership


I love many of the minion cartoons, not all, but most.  I confess, some I don’t get the humour at all.  And then, others like this one, connect with me right away.

We all have the freedom of choice, some of us exercise that right, another can be passive about the world around them, however, I’ve learned that passive does not mean indifferent.

My personality is what it is.  I now know after living all these years with my “self” that to others I can be not only opinionated, but stubborn.  Do I think of myself as being stubborn, no, do I think I’m opinionated, no…. BUT… if the other person’s reality is that I am.  Then guess what…in my interactions with that person, I have not responded in a way that encouraged communication, or in turn,  they find me to be stubborn and opinionated, because I don’t agree with them.  Fun eh!

The only person I have control over, or can change, is MYSELF.

Every day is a lesson in .. living life to its fullest potential, to do my best when sharing with others to bring happiness and a smile, whenever I can.  I like being happy, and tend to remove myself when I meet up continuously with negativity.

It is not easy to walk away, or take a stand, but, mental health, and our ability to cope with some of the negative energy that bombards us each day,  is just as important as being heart healthy..A healthy  positive and loving spirit, will go a long way, in seeing daily rewards grow.



Challenge yourself with New things.

Challenge yourself with New things.

Choose to be loving, positive and affirmative.
Allow yourself to feel and express spontaneously the love of God that dwells within you
Life is interesting, we are always encountering unknown or new situations.
Don’t be afraid of failure, proactively challenge each new situation. Give complete awareness to “Divine” direction.

Realize the perfection that is within you, give expression to it as faith, hope,wisdom and understanding. Know that God is directing you, healing and enriching your life in a myriad of ways.

Claim your freedom by knowing that through God’s spirit within you, you will have the strength and wisdom to live a life where you can proactively meet each new situation with confidence.

Practice being spiritually aware.

In our travels yesterday we discovered this pumpkin farm,  It was unexpected and a delight to explore.  Let  your unique SELF shine through.  Bring colour into your world, enjoy the diversity and challenges life throws our way,Allow your Creativity to radiate the potential that is on stand-by, waiting to be utilized, expresss yourself.  LIFE IS ART…

AND have one of your best days ever. humming “love is in the air” =^_^=   GOOD MORNING everyone!

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