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Good morning everyone!

Brazil FIFA 2014

We are not all soccer fans, some of us don’t enjoy sports at all, however, I would like to say something this morning about the young men shown above.  This is the first year that I have really been watching any of the soccer games with a personal interest.    Many in our church are from Brazil, so it has been fun to watch the enthusiasm and camaraderie.  Especially since although I liked Brazil, I lean towards another team.

What I soon discovered is that this is a very high emotion game, the fans are very invested in the players and the results.  For the first time I was listening to the announcers, the talk before games, and the post match wrap ups.  When Brazil lost yesterday, I felt the emotion of the players hit like a bolt of lightning, the devastation of their situation could be felt across the miles and through the television.  My husband a veteran at all of this, merely shrugged and took it all in stride.

Several players on the field yesterday play for Chelsea (UK) the young man who scored for Brazil was one of these players.  His team mates were playing for Germany.  These young men are not robots, they train, train and train some more.  It is not about the money the make, or how they live their “personal” lives, they are paid professionals who dedicate themselves, mind, and bodies to the game of football (soccer).  They played hard and gave all they had to get to where they are today,  they played their best yesterday, even when the score was 5-0 for the longest time, they persevered, NO they didn’t win the game, but they have gained my respect for the sincerity (makoto) they put into what they were doing.

In a game, there is a winner and a loser (the person(s) who do not win,  BUT in the PL(Perfect Liberty) world we are all winners when we do our best, when what we experience and learn in our challenges, makes us a better person,   

Brazil still has a chance for Bronze…. lets give these young men the support they need to get back out there and shine, win or lose.. they keep us watching.



Congratulations to Germany for a game well played!

Today – Nederlands plays Argentina at 4 p Eastern Time.


                                            Namaste    –    Oyashikiri


pictures – Pinterest

poster -bottom – found on tomanders.com

Makoto (sincere effort)

Dancing June 19_005

In Perfect Liberty (Church PL) we say ” Life is Art” that is the #1 Precept of our 21 Precepts.

 # 2 is To Live Is to Express One’s Self,

#7 Everything Exists in Relativity.

 #18 Each Moment is a Turning Point

I have mentioned before that I visit Second Life which is a virtual world. To some it is a game and to others it is not.  To know what Second Life is all about, you have to experience it.  Much like if I am eating a peach and you see me with a big smile and peach juice at the corners of my mouth, you note the peach is fuzzy and looks moist and inviting, this will give you some information about what I’m eating, but if you ask me, what does it taste like, my answer will really not tell you anything.  Why, because you are not tasting it for yourself, and my taste buds and yours might be on totally different planets.

Why am I talking about SL today, mainly because I just finished doing the blog for this virtual reality world http://virtualluna.blogspot.ca/   and I was totally blown away by the creativity and artist  way of life many of the creators in SL lead.  The builders (artists/designers) recreate what they see, like and enjoy in our day to day world, which in SL speak is called RL (real life)  These people from all over the world, SL is played by people from all over the world if there is internet there is SL. The SL currency can be exchanged in most major markets. ie. we can trade SL currency for US dollars. (LOL if you have enough of it)

Many of the artists/designers make their living through sales in  this virtual marketplace.  They use their skills to design and build for the inhabitants of this world, and they  make enough to pay their” whatever” in real life.  In PL we recognize that each individual is a unique being, and we all have ways to express who we are.

One of the valuable lessons of this virtual world is that we have to look beyond the avatar we are speaking with, because behind each avatar is a real live breathing person.  So in life.. we meet someone and we see their outer shell.  How often do we forget that inside that body we are looking at, there is a person, with a heart and feelings.  We look at their appearance, the clothes they wear, how they stand, speak, and without knowing it, or even thinking about it, we form an opinion.  It is hard not to do.

I ask you today, to think of the PL Precepts I’ve mentioned above, and to put your Makoto into doing your best to value those Precepts and apply them to your daily living.  The truth revealed in their words applies universally to all humankind.

PL Precept 20 – Live Maintaining Equilibrium Between Mind and Matter.

helicopter aerospatiale AS 350BA squirrel

Aerospatiale AS-350BA Squirrel (Tom Meyer)

helicopter and military dog

Service dogs are an amazing  part of the armed forces (Jonathan Schout)(Alfonso Irene Jimenez)


namaste – oyashikiri

and, so it was

rainy day, Drift Creek Falls Oregon

the rain, the mist

filled my world with thoughts of you

slowly I drift

marveling all the while

at how out of the blue

I rediscoverd the joy of  spending time with you

walking in the rain

is not insane

this wonderful world is full of gifts

treasures you share every day

this is your domain

in my heart you remain


and, so it was

and is

my prayer to you today


rain on flower

words/prayer by Q

* Drift Creek Falls on a very rainy day by cooler than h2o -flickr

** flickr.com Tracie Frank

Good Morning Everyone!

shadow dancing

Celebrate the day, put your whole heart and makoto into everything you do (sincerity).  Never regret the choices you make, learn, embrace the moment and step into the next one.  The above picture appears in several places on Pinterest, and a different author of verse is under each one,  So to you dear artist and creator of this moment. I say kudos on a wonderful visual interpretation of life.

Dance to the music of life. The Universe is all around us.  Therefore, so is LOVE.!!!!                     Oyashikiri

Life is Art! Buen dia…

sunset,  God paints the skiesLife is Art.

There is only one you, an individual, unique and special, You are the artist in your life,  the environment and the things that happen around you , are the materials used for your self expression. Express yourself honestly, and with integrity in all you do.  Have courage for the great sorrows in your life, and patience for the smaller ones.  Happiness is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to deal with it. If your troubles are deep-seated or long-standing, try praying.  It works.  When you are happy, share your joy.

sun 5ba5f50f7b0b1c81fd144b5aae721129Focus on your true feelings, do your best to express your self honestly, practice Makoto (utmost sincerity) in everything you do.  Kamuwaza (God’s will) is part of our everyday life, like the weather, it has a purpose, When you live believing in your Oneness with the Universe, not loosing sight of your God given individuality, you will experience the true joy of living.  The joy of self expression.  We are truly leading our lives when we live expressing ourselves to the fullest…. and this… is what makes us truly happy.

Blessings dear friends are heaped on you today, that your day will be filled with the joy and happiness of  a happy heart.        Today, Tomorrow and Always ……. Oyashikiri


bonjour! salut! Hi everyone!

Oregon Coast,keyhole - Garry LIddell

This picture is powerful, dynamic, it is was taken along the Oregon Coastline at a place called Keyhole, it has been photographed  by many visitors who have been enraptured by its vibrant energy. ( This picture was taken by Garry Liddell.)  I’ve always had a interest in doors, gates and the like.  A door is not just something that closes you in, but it an opportunity to go through or enter into a new discovery. I recall many years ago, while still at the hospital, we had expanded, adding  another large component to our corporate structure a new Public Relations Director came on board. He was from “away” meaning he wasn’t local,  When I had occasion to meet with him, I found him pleasant enough, but what struck me most was the huge poster he had in his office. It was all doors, all shapes, sizes and colours.  Till that moment I hadn’t realized that others shared my “passion” for doors.  Like duh!

Sometimes in life we are so engrossed in what we are doing, have to do, need to do, want to do, we forget that there is a whole world going on around us that we are not “seeing” or partaking in, because we are existing and not LIVING.  Maybe a month or so later, Michael came to my office with a big round package, he had remembered my delight in seeing the doors so next time he had returned to him hometown, he got me a copy of the poster.  I have it to this day, as a reminder of his kindness, and the memory of the Ah Ha! moment I had that day.  I had become so focused and caught up in my “job” and “hospital politics” I had lost touch with  my “inner voice”.

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles/kindness is to humanity.   They are but trifles, to be sure, but, scattered along life’s pathways, the good they do is inconceivable. (Addison)

Scotland, Finnich Glen near Loch Lomond

Finnich Glen, near loch Lomond, Scotland

It is easy to get caught up in our day to day, however if it is important to you, you can always find some time in your day to pray/meditate.  Give yourself permission to get in touch with your “inner voice” . with strong conviction and Makoto (sincere effort)  you will find the door or pathway that will lead you towards your goal, and give you the “key” or drive to see your “challenge” through.                                   May your day be blessed with positive, loving energy.     Oyashikiri


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c’est bien vendredi, como vai?

It is Friday, how are you today?  Happy sunny wishes to start your day!

Scotland, Shetland islands, 400-200BC

A look at the past, poignant yet alluring, we are drawn to explore, to wander to be awed.  Another time, a time when life was very different from what it is today.  Shetland Islands, Scotland  Does it capture your imagination, snare your attention, do you want to walk the path that so many have walked in bygone years,  Even now, today there are echos of visitors footsteps and the sound of distant conversation as people went about their day.

We live our lives everyday with a certain routine, we take certain roads, drive or walk along streets we see every day. If you work and take a bus to work, it  is usually the same bus and it follows the same route, day after day.  We shop in the same malls, or go to the usual markets all the time. Do you put your heart into all you do? Or because we have done it a thousand times  before, so you just get it done? In Asian teachings, we are asked to put our best effort into everything we do, whether or not it is a daily and repetitive task/chore or not.

While in Japan this past summer, in one of our assignments we were asked to do certain tasks, depending on which  group you were in, the tasks were different, some got to wash the bathrooms, some got to clean mats, sweep the roads, my group was asked to wash the hall floors.  Teachers, students, professionals, we all grabbed rags and down on our knees we cleaned the floors inch by  inch. (Noooooooooooooo I do not do this at home, it wasn’t a task I perform on a regular basis and certainly not on my knees, so what do you think my immediate reaction was!)  Old and young, we applied ourselves to working together and doing it.  Those who could no longer get down to the floor due to age, or physical limitations, manned the buckets, and rinsed the rags, ringing them out to hand to us as we brought a used one back.  Getting up and down from our knees and working in unison we chanted to stay focused and in step with each other.   To a city born and bred woman, it peeled away layers of self imposed thought patterns and opened up space in my “brain” for a greater and deeper awareness of being alive  and experiencing life.

Irealnd, DublinThis picture of Dublin in Ireland had me looking at it several times and finally with a magnifier because of the way the photographer shot the picture and how my eyes were seeing it.  The lights reflecting off the water had me wondering and trying to discern just what that was going across the river.  On closer inspection and because I made time to really look, I saw that it was the reflection of the bridge,

Today lets take the time, (make time) to enjoy every second of our day, even if you are doing something you have always done before, try to be mindful of your actions. Put makoto (sincerity) into all you do and say,   Have a good day everyone!  Where ever you are in your day when you read this.. smile.. I’m sending lots of love and positive energy your way… always, today, tomorrow.   Blessings…..     Oyashikiri 

        smilePencilphotographs >Pinterest 





One challenge that always seems to reoccur in my life, is recognizing and accepting that I am not perfect!  My type AA personality often gets in my way.As I mature/age I’d say that I’m doing better, at one time I would have been a triple A. I’m working at whittling it down. =^_^=.  A devoted and 100% practicing Taoist, I was overcome with a wonderful emotion of community when I first attended a PL service. (Perfect Liberty)  I was very fortunate that the minister at the time I visited the church was one, Rev. Takashi Goto.  I was never a church goer but over the years I had attended Christian services before and was very interested in finding out that this was nothing like I had ever experienced before.

For the first time ever, I heard and felt my beliefs and connection to God/TAO expressed in a way that spoke to me and said…”The philosophy here is mine”.  I was able to have meaningful and thought provoking conversations with Rev. Goto, that expanded  and nourished my connection to the Universe.  The encounter dusted off some of the forgotten lessons I’d learned in the past, and swept out the dust bunnies in corners of the “room” I was residing int.  He had words in Japanese that were totally unfamiliar to me, but explained, I understood.  I began to revisit places in  my mind that had been forgotten or neglected.  My connection with God/TAO grew stronger, and continues to grow stronger each and every day.  He would say ” we must put “makoto” in everything we do and say”…  he reinforced something I’ve tried to do all my life (not always succeeding)…  No matter how small the task, or light hearted the conversation, when we practice makoto in everything we do and say, when a challenges reappears in our lives, we will handle it with a new perspective.

a02e1753ae4d6670f5d173129e1134fbPL is  non denominational.

Rev. Goto is now Senior Minister with the church in NY City    goto@perfectliberty.ca


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