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Good Morning Everyone!

shadow dancing

Celebrate the day, put your whole heart and makoto into everything you do (sincerity).  Never regret the choices you make, learn, embrace the moment and step into the next one.  The above picture appears in several places on Pinterest, and a different author of verse is under each one,  So to you dear artist and creator of this moment. I say kudos on a wonderful visual interpretation of life.

Dance to the music of life. The Universe is all around us.  Therefore, so is LOVE.!!!!                     Oyashikiri

Comments on: "Good Morning Everyone!" (3)

  1. There is a positive spirit within all of us. It’s bursting to get out. All we need to do is to open the door. Thanks Q.

  2. Hello Dy Moon, Thanks so much for your daily news letters and your amazing ability to write. I do read them and do appreciate you. Just wanted to remind you amongst this crazy busy time that as of tomorrow, l will no longer have this email address but will be at : liz@lizziebiz.com Please make the change so l do not miss a thing. Wish l could take a break to play but so crazy busy making new birds in studio. Till show is over! See you then, Love from Lizzie

    • called you,left msg, I think you have to do it from the blog site. You have to go to the main blog site and where it says follow, enter the new e-mail address and then follow their instructions. Love you and miss you

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