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Oregon Coast,keyhole - Garry LIddell

This picture is powerful, dynamic, it is was taken along the Oregon Coastline at a place called Keyhole, it has been photographed  by many visitors who have been enraptured by its vibrant energy. ( This picture was taken by Garry Liddell.)  I’ve always had a interest in doors, gates and the like.  A door is not just something that closes you in, but it an opportunity to go through or enter into a new discovery. I recall many years ago, while still at the hospital, we had expanded, adding  another large component to our corporate structure a new Public Relations Director came on board. He was from “away” meaning he wasn’t local,  When I had occasion to meet with him, I found him pleasant enough, but what struck me most was the huge poster he had in his office. It was all doors, all shapes, sizes and colours.  Till that moment I hadn’t realized that others shared my “passion” for doors.  Like duh!

Sometimes in life we are so engrossed in what we are doing, have to do, need to do, want to do, we forget that there is a whole world going on around us that we are not “seeing” or partaking in, because we are existing and not LIVING.  Maybe a month or so later, Michael came to my office with a big round package, he had remembered my delight in seeing the doors so next time he had returned to him hometown, he got me a copy of the poster.  I have it to this day, as a reminder of his kindness, and the memory of the Ah Ha! moment I had that day.  I had become so focused and caught up in my “job” and “hospital politics” I had lost touch with  my “inner voice”.

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles/kindness is to humanity.   They are but trifles, to be sure, but, scattered along life’s pathways, the good they do is inconceivable. (Addison)

Scotland, Finnich Glen near Loch Lomond

Finnich Glen, near loch Lomond, Scotland

It is easy to get caught up in our day to day, however if it is important to you, you can always find some time in your day to pray/meditate.  Give yourself permission to get in touch with your “inner voice” . with strong conviction and Makoto (sincere effort)  you will find the door or pathway that will lead you towards your goal, and give you the “key” or drive to see your “challenge” through.                                   May your day be blessed with positive, loving energy.     Oyashikiri


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  1. Good morning everyone. Doors come in so many designs and colours. In some places folks customize their doors to reflect their view of what they represent. Some are a barrier while others are welcoming. Ideally all doors would be open both figuratively and actually. Doors are actually a fabrication of western culture. Love the pics and the words Q. Thank you.

  2. amplitudejoy said:

    Yes beautiful pics. I have a love affair with doors too. All through france, I was enraptured byt the little towns with the old row dwellings with the fascades so unique and reflecting their individual owners. A door to their lives gave a glimpse of who they wanted us to see.
    Thanks Q
    Christianne, Ottawa PL church mem ber

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