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sunset,  God paints the skiesLife is Art.

There is only one you, an individual, unique and special, You are the artist in your life,  the environment and the things that happen around you , are the materials used for your self expression. Express yourself honestly, and with integrity in all you do.  Have courage for the great sorrows in your life, and patience for the smaller ones.  Happiness is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to deal with it. If your troubles are deep-seated or long-standing, try praying.  It works.  When you are happy, share your joy.

sun 5ba5f50f7b0b1c81fd144b5aae721129Focus on your true feelings, do your best to express your self honestly, practice Makoto (utmost sincerity) in everything you do.  Kamuwaza (God’s will) is part of our everyday life, like the weather, it has a purpose, When you live believing in your Oneness with the Universe, not loosing sight of your God given individuality, you will experience the true joy of living.  The joy of self expression.  We are truly leading our lives when we live expressing ourselves to the fullest…. and this… is what makes us truly happy.

Blessings dear friends are heaped on you today, that your day will be filled with the joy and happiness of  a happy heart.        Today, Tomorrow and Always ……. Oyashikiri


Comments on: "Life is Art! Buen dia…" (2)

  1. Excellent thoughts expressed to consider throughout the day. Thanks Q.

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