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July 3_007

July 10_017

I dream, I walk, I talk

snap, crackle, pop

the mind is active taking off in all directions

time, to astral travel and make corrections

pop, crackle snap,

oh dear, earth to outer space

time to chat

I need a face to face


PL Precept # 2  To live is o Express One’s Self



Life is Art, Vida es Arte


This is a picture of the artist Frida Kahlo, who at the age of 18 had her life completely changed, due to an accident. She had been intending to attend University and become a doctor.  The accident changed all that, she was hospitalized for some time, over her short life, she possibly underwent some 30 surgeries.  Her life and her art can easily be found by sourcing google.

In this picture with the use of a mirror she is painting on her body cast.  She had a life full of drama and adventures her name was linked with many public figures.    Always she painted for herself, she is quoted as saying “I paint self portraits because  I am so often alone… because I am the subject I know best”

Another of her statements ” I am not sick, I am broken, but I am happy to be alive, as long as I can paint”

When I read about her, and saw her work, I could see the pain in her work, she was known to work slowly, patiently and she expressed her pain, emotional and physical, through her works.  Born in Mexico, it was where she wanted to be, and that is where she died.  She created some 200 paintings,drawings and sketches all related to her personal experiences in life.  When reading about her life, we see adjectives/words, like turbulent, painful, colourful. I saw determination and need to express….


L'Eternelle Idole, by Rodin

This is by another artist that has made history with his work.  Rodin.  This is the marvelous piece called “L’Eternelle Idole”  I implore you if you want to read more about this piece to visit, The Alchemist’s Pillow  The words written to describe this sculpture brought it to life even more, then by just looking at it and taking in it’s every nuance.

Everyone is an artist, only our way of expressing what we see, feel and think, is different.  Unique to each one of us.

In PL we say, everyday is a new beginning. PL Precept #18  Each Moment is a Turning Point.

Bronze, Musee Rodin Paris –

have a happy meaningful day, express yourself in a positive way. Love is everywhere especially in and around YOU!

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri


self expression

Your environment and the things that happen to us and around us, are the materials/tools of our self-expression.  In living the PL “way” we  learn that it is with God’s blessings that we are able to freely express ourselves using these materials.

4fead84ae78e442b65208bc3535b2d14By doing our best to live a life that is filled with happiness and good health, we have to begin with the basics in life. We have to believe and trust that our connection to the Universe is a constant force in all we say and do.  We need to strive to maintain, respect and acceptance of the  difference in others,  And, to recognize that hardships are the challenges in life that give us strength and character.


There is only one you, individual, unique and very special.  You are the “artist” who creates the story lines in your “book”  Make them joyful and meaningful.


Live each day to the fullest, never regret what was, celebrate the experience and move on.  The photographer who saw this moment in time, captured it for us, what a beautiful sharing. From the state of mind of being one with God, we learn the path to happiness, how to progress and elevate ourselves to find true freedom in our lives, based on the truth, ” Life is Art”

Namaste   –    Oyashikiri

* Epic house, TNW, the nextweb.com

**buzzfeed.com  Barios,Ecuador

*** amongraf.ro  Jacaranda trees in bloom, Pretoria South Africa

Life is Art! Buen dia…

sunset,  God paints the skiesLife is Art.

There is only one you, an individual, unique and special, You are the artist in your life,  the environment and the things that happen around you , are the materials used for your self expression. Express yourself honestly, and with integrity in all you do.  Have courage for the great sorrows in your life, and patience for the smaller ones.  Happiness is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to deal with it. If your troubles are deep-seated or long-standing, try praying.  It works.  When you are happy, share your joy.

sun 5ba5f50f7b0b1c81fd144b5aae721129Focus on your true feelings, do your best to express your self honestly, practice Makoto (utmost sincerity) in everything you do.  Kamuwaza (God’s will) is part of our everyday life, like the weather, it has a purpose, When you live believing in your Oneness with the Universe, not loosing sight of your God given individuality, you will experience the true joy of living.  The joy of self expression.  We are truly leading our lives when we live expressing ourselves to the fullest…. and this… is what makes us truly happy.

Blessings dear friends are heaped on you today, that your day will be filled with the joy and happiness of  a happy heart.        Today, Tomorrow and Always ……. Oyashikiri



imagesIt isn’t always easy to accept changes in our lives – Yet the world around us is constantly changing.  Take on the challenging and new experiences as materials for self expression.

2013-10-25 oct.28 008


Your path will open up if you accept, and let go.  The garden statue sits through the seasons, enduring  and patient.  As he/she weathers and ages, his/her newness disappears and is replaced by a mantle of character that is all his/her own.

Our lives are a  tapestry woven of both mistakes and successes.  -(Tao)

To be fully human is to know resignation.   (Ta0)


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