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Whatever you learn easily or master effortlessly tends to e forgotten. The lessons you gain through repeated mistakes ar what gives you genuine strength. YOU GAIN STRENGTH THROUGH YOUR HARDSHIPS

Perfect Liberty

self expression

Your environment and the things that happen to us and around us, are the materials/tools of our self-expression.  In living the PL “way” we  learn that it is with God’s blessings that we are able to freely express ourselves using these materials.

4fead84ae78e442b65208bc3535b2d14By doing our best to live a life that is filled with happiness and good health, we have to begin with the basics in life. We have to believe and trust that our connection to the Universe is a constant force in all we say and do.  We need to strive to maintain, respect and acceptance of the  difference in others,  And, to recognize that hardships are the challenges in life that give us strength and character.


There is only one you, individual, unique and very special.  You are the “artist” who creates the story lines in your “book”  Make them joyful and meaningful.


Live each day to the fullest, never regret what was, celebrate the experience and move on.  The photographer who saw this moment in time, captured it for us, what a beautiful sharing. From the state of mind of being one with God, we learn the path to happiness, how to progress and elevate ourselves to find true freedom in our lives, based on the truth, ” Life is Art”

Namaste   –    Oyashikiri

* Epic house, TNW, the nextweb.com

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*** amongraf.ro  Jacaranda trees in bloom, Pretoria South Africa


It is our hardships that build stregth

It is our hardships that build stregth

When we have to struggle and work for something, our appreciation is long lasting. Lessons learned through repeated mistakes, trial and error, give us genuine strength.
Learning is a life long process

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