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8.28_001Once more I saw the open doorway, showing me the path to the other side, this time I dared to wander closer.


There was a silence in the air, yet, there was a breeze and the bird (on the right) made a soft cooing sound as he flew by.  His bright feathers so fitting against the blue skies


As I walked my feet made no sound, yet the grass beneath my feet was soft and lush.


The pathway was inviting, I gladly let it lead the way.


Around each corner a new discovery.  Can you imagine my delight.


I felt rather than saw the light that seemed to guide me along through the growth that surrounded me on all side.  I knew no fear, I felt content and aware of the life around me.


There was much to see and take in. Such creativity, such vision.


When I entered a great hall, I felt small, I was one of many to stand  within the walls, I stood alone at that moment in time, yet in my heart I knew, I was not alone. I was surrounded by each and every one of you.  See you are here now. . Just not at the moment I was there. (smiles and winks)


There is much to see, enjoy, learn, and share as we grow as human beings and wandering souls.  Don’t be afraid to share and love the ALL that you are.  Dreams are part of our reality.  Whether you believe, or not.



landscape and avatar SL (Second Life)

text mine Q

the artists in the virtual worlds, are creators, and imaginaries

Life is Art, Vida es Arte


This is a picture of the artist Frida Kahlo, who at the age of 18 had her life completely changed, due to an accident. She had been intending to attend University and become a doctor.  The accident changed all that, she was hospitalized for some time, over her short life, she possibly underwent some 30 surgeries.  Her life and her art can easily be found by sourcing google.

In this picture with the use of a mirror she is painting on her body cast.  She had a life full of drama and adventures her name was linked with many public figures.    Always she painted for herself, she is quoted as saying “I paint self portraits because  I am so often alone… because I am the subject I know best”

Another of her statements ” I am not sick, I am broken, but I am happy to be alive, as long as I can paint”

When I read about her, and saw her work, I could see the pain in her work, she was known to work slowly, patiently and she expressed her pain, emotional and physical, through her works.  Born in Mexico, it was where she wanted to be, and that is where she died.  She created some 200 paintings,drawings and sketches all related to her personal experiences in life.  When reading about her life, we see adjectives/words, like turbulent, painful, colourful. I saw determination and need to express….


L'Eternelle Idole, by Rodin

This is by another artist that has made history with his work.  Rodin.  This is the marvelous piece called “L’Eternelle Idole”  I implore you if you want to read more about this piece to visit, The Alchemist’s Pillow  The words written to describe this sculpture brought it to life even more, then by just looking at it and taking in it’s every nuance.

Everyone is an artist, only our way of expressing what we see, feel and think, is different.  Unique to each one of us.

In PL we say, everyday is a new beginning. PL Precept #18  Each Moment is a Turning Point.

Bronze, Musee Rodin Paris –

have a happy meaningful day, express yourself in a positive way. Love is everywhere especially in and around YOU!

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri


idyllic & surreal

time clocks

While not everyone, enjoys surrealistic art, it is so often mind-blowing and fascinating, that it is hard to not look at it, gazing into it, trying to absorb or discover what it is about the picture that draws your attention.  Imagine  the artist who pulled this piece of art together.

art, visual

Being a visual person, I find it fascinating to see what someone else has seen and in turn,  put it out there for me to discover,  It would be nice if we could see into each other’s “head” to see for ourselves what someone else has seen.  however, while the person who puts their visualization to pen or to paint to show us, there is no guarantee that we will see or feel the same emotions and exhilaration that the artist did ………   We are all just so unique.    Yes we sleep, wake up, and eat like everyone else in a manner of speaking… but..what we get out of these actions is different to each of us.

fantasy landscape

PL Precept #17 Grasp what is most essential

PL Precept #  7   Everything Exists in Relativity

PL Precept # 1    Life is Art

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri




fantasy landscape by Roberto Nieto  www.cruzine.com/


Joy of Exprssion

Joy of Exprssion

Results are important, but let’s not lose sight of the true joy that can be found in the actual process.
Face every task with wholehearted enthusiasm.

The holiday spirit is everywhere these days, the creative expressions of the many artists around us is abundant and plentiful. Remember to show appreciation of their accomplishments, celebrate the season, and the friends and family that make life so worthwhile.
Best of all…. remember to tell people you care, don’t assume they know…. the holiday season can also be a lonely time, and a sad time…. Let us count our blessings.
Share the LOVE.

12.7_001Peace on earth begins with peace in our hearts.

Love and BlessingsJoy to the world!

The Flash of Inspiration Is a Gift From GodI

PL Teaching for Day 22 >The Flash of Inspiration Is a Gift From God <    When something suddenly clicks or when a great idea suddenly pops into your head, it is actually not something you have control over.  Understand that this is wisdom given to you by God.  The Flash of Inspiration is a Gift From God.

As an artist/writer, I can’t tell you how often I have wanted to paint, sculpt or write something, get myself all set up and then “puff”  like a cloud of smoke what I thought I was going to do evaporates.  If I try to make it work, the results  are simply not to my liking, yes I may have an end product, but it does not “speak” to me. My first thought it that it should go into the waste bin.  For sure I am not prepared to show it around, or do a drum roll.  So I put it down and it disappears from my immediate thoughts.  If I’m in a persistent mood, I may start over, something inside of me wants to be expressed.  The desire is strong, and I feel the frustration well up  inside me, I know I have something to “say”…. but every time I try something I am dissatisfied with the results. Sound familiar?

When I “Let go and Let God”  allow myself to take a step back, and just allow my hands to work the clay, or if painting the colors and forms to take shape, an inner peace begins to happen, and I find myself humming, carried away by the moment.  I’m focused, I’m in a happy place.  I’ve learned to listen to the little voice inside of me that says, “OK, that’s enough”  I stop.. step back and with eyes of wonder I discover an “expression”  Sometimes I simply have no idea how I got the results that I did.  Ask  me to do another one, I couldn’t.  My “expressions” became a form of meditation for me.  It didn’t matter to me what anyone else thought about the results,  I was happy!    INSPIRATION IS A GIFT I really and truly believe that God is within and part of who we are. God is the tie that binds us all together.  We are ONE.

A member of the church send me links to some awesome figurative art, I share them with you and hope you  enjoy  them as much as I did.

May your day be blessed 100 fold.  =^_^=

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