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bloomer painting

bloomers painted on Pepsi

Pepsi needed a skirt, shorts, or jeans, I couldn’t find anything suitable, so we painted a pair of bloomers for her.  I think that she looks pretty “neat”.  Next I will dig up a pair of shoes for her feet.

Life is Art  (Precept #1)

PL Precept #2  To live is to express One’s self.

This was fun.  How was your day?  Have a good start to a new week.






Friday and I’m not ready

AG dolls V V Mervale 6.20.17

Every day is a new opportunity to discover something new about our”selves”  In my case, the dolls  who have come to live with me, are teaching me new ways to enjoy my creative abilities. You can see from the little group that drew me to them on the 20th. at a “by invitation only” preview, that they were a motley lot.  The preview was at one of the chain Thrift shops, that officially opened its doors this morning at 8:30a.m..  (The ribbon cutting ceremony, I missed)  Why.. I had to have both my eyes redone, this time they used laser.

I digress… back to the dolls each one had to be cleaned and re”strung” (their limbs tightened)  This meant taking off their heads and removing all the stuffing.  While their heads were off, I cleaned their hair.  Normally, I wouldn’t have gone looking for such a task, I had my fill of stuffing toys and doing limbs when I was in the bear making phase.

There is an expression that eludes me at the moment, as I am distracted by the black floaters I have in my eyes, (to be expected, said the specialist)  I didn’t have to think about it, I just did it.  I had been told there are YouTube videos on how to.. but I just knew.  Our brains act like our own memory card, when you need to do something, instinctively you set to it, and it is done.

Much like typing…  I’ve typed for years, (touch typing) so I don’t think of how to type, I just do it.  The PL Precepts, and Principles, and the training we get in PL, (Perfect Liberty) help us to hone our creativity and skills.  For this I am thankful, and appreciate my gray matter and my faith for allowing me to recognize that having God in my life, and living by the Precepts and Principles, enables me to do and achieve the things in life that I want to do.

Challenges and opportunities are gifts.  Seeing the transformations, makes me smile, and having the awareness that all I am, and all I do, is a reflection in my commitment to God and living the “PL Way” well.. that makes for a very happy me.

Here it is, another day coming to an end… Friday is just around the corner.. and I have no idea, what us in store for me tomorrow, isn’t that grand.  What-ever, I know it will be another wonderful day.

PL Precept # 21 Live in Perfect Liberty

Fourth doll has been adopted  I’ll be seeing her again on Monday, meanwhile we are getting ready for Canada Day.. We Celebrate 150 years.

Dolls are American Girl dolls.



lazy day

There is something to be said about a cold sunny day, when you can see the shimmering bling of the icicles as they hang from the roof edge.  I have been trying to listen to the good advice from friends, “stay in, stay out of the cold, REST”, I think I’m soon going to be able to say, its been 4 weeks now! cough, cough, splutter, sneeze, wheeze and darn I’m tired.

windows-iceThis is a much better shot of the beautiful sculptured ice.  The sky was the beckoning blue that makes me want to be outside.  I don’t care it is cold, I’m happy outside, I layer up and I’m toasty warm.. the air is so fresh, crisp and deliciously brisk.

Thanks for the great feedback on the Sludge project, thought I’d show you a sneak peek.


This is a piece of a cover that I was very taken with.  I liked it so much I kept the magazine for ages.  Doing these “Art” journals has given me a new way to display and keep the pictures I like, without keeping a whole magazine.  Eventually some time in the future, I will add to the pages.. this is the fun of it all.. there is no rush, no deadlines, just a great way to have quality time with myself doing “stuff” I like.

PL Precept #1   Life is Art

PL Precept # 18  Each Moment is a Turning Point

Make each moment count, enjoy being alive, be grateful, and appreciate that God is in your life…

PL Precept #11   Always be with God

When we live with love in our hearts…it is so much easier to express ourselves.

PL Precept #2   To live is to Express One’s Self.


The Flash of Inspiration Is a Gift From GodI

PL Teaching for Day 22 >The Flash of Inspiration Is a Gift From God <    When something suddenly clicks or when a great idea suddenly pops into your head, it is actually not something you have control over.  Understand that this is wisdom given to you by God.  The Flash of Inspiration is a Gift From God.

As an artist/writer, I can’t tell you how often I have wanted to paint, sculpt or write something, get myself all set up and then “puff”  like a cloud of smoke what I thought I was going to do evaporates.  If I try to make it work, the results  are simply not to my liking, yes I may have an end product, but it does not “speak” to me. My first thought it that it should go into the waste bin.  For sure I am not prepared to show it around, or do a drum roll.  So I put it down and it disappears from my immediate thoughts.  If I’m in a persistent mood, I may start over, something inside of me wants to be expressed.  The desire is strong, and I feel the frustration well up  inside me, I know I have something to “say”…. but every time I try something I am dissatisfied with the results. Sound familiar?

When I “Let go and Let God”  allow myself to take a step back, and just allow my hands to work the clay, or if painting the colors and forms to take shape, an inner peace begins to happen, and I find myself humming, carried away by the moment.  I’m focused, I’m in a happy place.  I’ve learned to listen to the little voice inside of me that says, “OK, that’s enough”  I stop.. step back and with eyes of wonder I discover an “expression”  Sometimes I simply have no idea how I got the results that I did.  Ask  me to do another one, I couldn’t.  My “expressions” became a form of meditation for me.  It didn’t matter to me what anyone else thought about the results,  I was happy!    INSPIRATION IS A GIFT I really and truly believe that God is within and part of who we are. God is the tie that binds us all together.  We are ONE.

A member of the church send me links to some awesome figurative art, I share them with you and hope you  enjoy  them as much as I did.

May your day be blessed 100 fold.  =^_^=

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