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Makoto (sincere effort)

Dancing June 19_005

In Perfect Liberty (Church PL) we say ” Life is Art” that is the #1 Precept of our 21 Precepts.

 # 2 is To Live Is to Express One’s Self,

#7 Everything Exists in Relativity.

 #18 Each Moment is a Turning Point

I have mentioned before that I visit Second Life which is a virtual world. To some it is a game and to others it is not.  To know what Second Life is all about, you have to experience it.  Much like if I am eating a peach and you see me with a big smile and peach juice at the corners of my mouth, you note the peach is fuzzy and looks moist and inviting, this will give you some information about what I’m eating, but if you ask me, what does it taste like, my answer will really not tell you anything.  Why, because you are not tasting it for yourself, and my taste buds and yours might be on totally different planets.

Why am I talking about SL today, mainly because I just finished doing the blog for this virtual reality world http://virtualluna.blogspot.ca/   and I was totally blown away by the creativity and artist  way of life many of the creators in SL lead.  The builders (artists/designers) recreate what they see, like and enjoy in our day to day world, which in SL speak is called RL (real life)  These people from all over the world, SL is played by people from all over the world if there is internet there is SL. The SL currency can be exchanged in most major markets. ie. we can trade SL currency for US dollars. (LOL if you have enough of it)

Many of the artists/designers make their living through sales in  this virtual marketplace.  They use their skills to design and build for the inhabitants of this world, and they  make enough to pay their” whatever” in real life.  In PL we recognize that each individual is a unique being, and we all have ways to express who we are.

One of the valuable lessons of this virtual world is that we have to look beyond the avatar we are speaking with, because behind each avatar is a real live breathing person.  So in life.. we meet someone and we see their outer shell.  How often do we forget that inside that body we are looking at, there is a person, with a heart and feelings.  We look at their appearance, the clothes they wear, how they stand, speak, and without knowing it, or even thinking about it, we form an opinion.  It is hard not to do.

I ask you today, to think of the PL Precepts I’ve mentioned above, and to put your Makoto into doing your best to value those Precepts and apply them to your daily living.  The truth revealed in their words applies universally to all humankind.

PL Precept 20 – Live Maintaining Equilibrium Between Mind and Matter.

helicopter aerospatiale AS 350BA squirrel

Aerospatiale AS-350BA Squirrel (Tom Meyer)

helicopter and military dog

Service dogs are an amazing  part of the armed forces (Jonathan Schout)(Alfonso Irene Jimenez)


namaste – oyashikiri

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