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working hard or hard working


costco 1.26b

turn on the light please or open the light please

the date has been moved ahead, or has it been pushed back

costco 1.26d

does that picture have meaning, or is the meaning the picture

close the light, or shut the light

costco 1.26cI realized that we were miles apart on that one thought

you really were adamant and for me.. simply, it didn’t matter

what mattered, was that you be happy, I let it go

instead, I said, I loved you….

and my heart sent loving thoughts your way,

you laughed, and that was that.


No se olvide del sentimiento: “Por favor”*

Always remember to be Humble*


*PL Calendar #28



Every day we are faced with choices.  Some are small, and routine, done on a regular basis, like when we shop for food.   What we are looking for will determine where we go to shop.


What appeals to one shopper will be passed by, by another. I have waited while a customer before me, goes over every bag, weighing it, turning it so that he/she is able to see all produce in the bag.


Even once we’ve picked out the product we will take home with us, no two people will cook that one product in the same way.  That is why there is such a great variety of restaurants as well.   Though they may offer the same basic dishes, how they are cooked and served, could be oceans apart.  When it comes to food, almost everyone I know, is willing to try something different and will dig in and enjoy a cuisine from a different culture.  Diversity is a welcome change.


Why then, do we draw a line, or seem to be so black or white, when it comes to choices we make about our social environment?  Or cultural divides?  A very close someone in my life, will eat carrots, but when they came out with “designer” carrots, (different colours) he balked, why…. cuz they didn’t look the same, blind folded, they would taste the same,  but……. Another friend told me her husband wouldn’t eat the new blue potatoes, why… cuz they didn’t look like a potato……………………………………………?????????????

Amon  Wed 23rd_edited-1

A child is innocent, loving, trusting, …  they  make us all smile with their smiles, and their genuine responses to being loved.  What and why do we change as we advance in years.  What changes us.  WE are shaped by the choices we make in life.  Choose wisely.  Put your full makoto (sincerity) in all you say and do.

PL. Precept # 3    God appears through One’s Self

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