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Thursday doors 10.11th



This house, property and all has always been of interest.  For years I have driven by, but never had occasion to stop.  This past week I had my chance and took it.  The former owners had vegetables and plants offered for sale, the door that now looks unused was always decorated in the fall with festive wreathes,and pumpkins in all sizes and shapes spread out over the grounds.

The grounds are kept tidy, but devoid of the charm and activities that once beckoned so invitingly to passers-by.  The door that welcomed, is now silent and forlorn.

Time passes, life moves on.  Do you best to make every day count.  The only constant in life is change.



11th of ever month, we celebrate by performing an Ancestors Day ceremony.  Through this ceremony we express our gratitude for the love and virtue of our ancestors.  This includes the many people/friends/family that have helped us through the year.  Many people touch our lives in a way that last with us throughout our live time.

Today, the 11th. we will pray with gratitude and thankful hearts, and ask that their protection and guidance will continue.  So that we can continue on our path to live the PL WAY.


I will gather you all in my heart today while I pray.  Be kind today, smile, it will go a long way.  PL Precept #21  Live the PL Way



Doll club day


FCM doll 1996 china (made for Michaels)

before and after pictures of Hopi’s make over.

fright doll hopi3

PL Calendar day 10

Everyone has their own unique personality

Each one of us possesses unique qualities.  Let’s accept and respect one another.

Bom dia a todos, may the happiness in your life, continue to grow, bringing with it, peace and contentment.


This is a new friend I met today. It was a beautiful day. A day spent enjoying the many splendors of rural landscapes.


These two beauties had me stop and turn around so that I could get another and closer look.  Life is good. Animals can impart calm.





Hello, Bom dia, how are you today,

look you can actually see me today,

The shops are closed, but I am still here to say hello

no shoppers to spoil your view,

it is just me and you…

oh, and my sidekick over there

See, look that way…


Por favor, I do implore

come again another day

We reopen on terca-feira, Tuesday

Tuesday is here, so now I have to go, I am delivering food today for the food bank, and winter coats for their “clothes boutique”  Whatever you are up to, do it well, have fun, and most importantly, Smile, you are loved. you are you are your are.

NB  Food box is at the entrance in the church to the right.  If you live too far away, look around for the food banks near you, Contribute when you can.



pictures Q






Bom Dia, Good morning…

When I saw the fish …my first thought was.. by golly, he is smiling…. he is happy to be sharing a meal with someone who will appreciate him.  Oh dear I see that is another fish on the plate beside him…. looks like there were diners who had to pick their way through that meal.  Hope that wasn’t breakfast.

You guessed when it comes to meals, breakfast especially, I am rather decided on what will appeal to me. If I ask my friends what they had for breakfast, not one would give me the same kind of  answer.  Right now I am enjoying steel cut oats, but I know, it won’t be long and I will want my noodles .. what about you, do you dine at breakfast, or do you smile, drink your coffee and move on into your day….?

Smile being the key word.  Begin each day with a smile

PL calendar day 8

Whatever you use, it will come back to you.  So use it well.

When you use money and things to their fullest potential, you will always be blessed with more materials for your self expression.



photos  Wei

relax and enjoy



PL calendar day 7

Don’t strain, don’t rush and don’t be greedy

When you are doing something  you may rush things to get good results quickly. Instead relax and enjoy the process. 

I drove  today along a highway that was lined with the colours of fall.  It wasn’t raining, but the clouds were overhead, the sun was not out.  Still it was breathtakingly beautiful. I remember all the times, my husband and I had taken to the roads, so we could take in the kaleidoscope of colours.  The world is such a magical place.  Even though I have driven this road many times. every season, makes it appear to be brand new.

This Monday is the Canadian Thanksgiving, my heart was filled with gratitude, as I took in the myriad of crimsons, gold, greens and every colour in between.  I have learned that love, pure unconditional love is reflected in nature.  It is born, nurtured, and enjoyed, it evolves into a passion that transcends all earthly boundaries, till it evaporates into the Universe, showering the world with the eternal blessings of love forever after.

PL Precept # 1   Life is Art

Love is a beautiful state of BEING


photo -Wei

Thursday doors


Door, House of Damon, Old Jaffa

Bom noite,bom dia,

Buildings and doors, what a wonderful fascination for me.  Especially old doors with character. My friend Wei is traveling again, she loves being on the road in far off places, where I am content with the back roads here in Canada and the USA,  Back and forth to China she has taken to including side trips to where ever strikes her fancy at the time.  These pictures are from her current adventure.

PL calendar day 4   Enthusiasm will make things Interesting

When you put your whole heart into what you are doing, you will begin to notice many important details and your creativity will blossom.

Ao se compenetrar fica interessante


Our friends are unique and special, treasure each and every one of them..


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