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Spring yay!

To walk where no one has walked before


I wish, =^_^= but I was the one to make a new trail

down an unused road, that led me to another time


a family home, once filled with laughter

now stands silent, waiting

this was not the structure tho’ that had caught my attention

rather I was drawn to a building that called out

to my searching ” eyes”


“look, look, see my charm”, I got a picture in full sunlight

but this one with the little building half in the shade

I found had more to say

I sensed this is where the children played

on rainy days, on sunny days

this little structure captured and ignited

their imagination in every way


this pretty face

was also part of yesterday =^_^=

It was an amazing day !!!

In PL (Perfect Liberty) we do our best to live each day doing our best to be creative in every way.  Make every day count, rain, snow, sunshine, it doesn’t matter. Do your best every day.


Why not…


Happy Saturday everyone… A dog whose name I have long forgotten looked out at me over the silly sunglasses someone put on him…Maybe his name was Teddy.   Dogs are so patient with us.  They have no idea why we dress, pamper and  spoil them, but they graciously allow us our fun.


I know my girl, she was not amused. But… she was a good sport =^_^= long enough for me to get a picture.


photo 1 (8)

Believe it or not.. when I did these characters.. I thought they were so cute.  Now I can’t even tell you where they are.  OR why I was making them.  That was then, this is NOW.

All this to say.  Life is what it is.  Every day brings new ideas, and opportunities to be creative.  Sometimes they involve others, sometimes you are on your own.

PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in Relativity.

Being aware, appreciating difference, and living each moment the best we can, increases the potential of living in “Perfect Liberty”


Share your happiness with others.






mar 17.17 watching

It was a beautiful day .. I took to the roads .. you’ve often heard me say how I love driving the highway, headed out of the city core.  The stretch of roads I take have a lot of country side along the way. It is a way for me to unwind.

I’ve undertaken the huge task of clearing my work table, and letting go of the bits and pieces that seem to get left behind after each and every project.  I think that last over-haul was perhaps last fall when I was working on the greeting cards for the church.

As an artist it is easy to get lax, I find that I need to challenge myself to step outside the box, much like with my writing.  I can get very motivated, the ideas spring endlessly past my gray cells, yet I’m not smitten enough to take action.  Then out of nowhere, I know the time is right.  Since last week, I’ve noticed a lot “gemstone” colours, spring colours mainly, I’m rather excited to see what is around the corner.

I got knitting needles today, I’m not keen on knitting, but I found myself looking at square in the Michael’s’ store, they ask for donations of 9″ squares, they are put together to make colourful blankets for one of their charities. Who knows.  I do know how to knit, it just doesn’t appeal to me.

PL Precept #18   Each moment is a turning point

There was more than one face in the above painting, but I pulled the one out.. because she was watching … =^_^=


PL # 2   To live is to Express One’s Self.


Thursday Doors -3.16.17

When a dream dies

memories of the estatewhen dreams die

Once a dream

now a memory

PL Precept # 7  Everything exists in Relativity

Each day is a new canvas.. live it to the fullest




An old black and white.  Someone in the family took the picture, don’t know who, but it reflects a simpler time.

With everything digital today, will the next generations have the same keepsakes?

PL Precept #16  All things Progress and Develop.

PL Precept #19  Begin once you Perceive



thru the mist

birds on a wire 3.14 2017

Since the passing of my Mother, I have drifted from one thought to another when I come to do something with my paints.  For days I had this idea that I wanted to do birds on a wire, but……….. what I had in my mind’s eye and what I was able to think constructively about putting on canvas wasn’t jiving,

I’ve been thinking of bridges, doors,  windows, nothing concrete, just thoughts that drift in and out.  Of course I know in my mind somewhere tucked in a nook, I’m trying to find an abstract form for some of my thoughts.  Life doesn’t just return to “normal” there are so many things to be done, people to contact, and so on.

It is during this time that you see just how different your thinking is from some one else’s. How many times have you heard me say, we are all so unique, each and every one of us.  Evenings is when I like to escape into my workshop and just let my creativity speak for itself.

My playing made the above “statement” and now I’m digesting it.  It isn’t about techniques, or colour choices, it’s about the unconscious mind given a platform to “speak” to me.  My one sister is in the California area, and my nephew has flown back to Australia, that is what I see in the skyline.  My other sister loves birds. and I… I’m abstract.. and in the picture.. but……….where…………probably the messy branch waiting for buds.. I saw buds round ones, faded behind the mist.. just never got to put them in.  Or maybe I’m the leaf blowing in the wind.

The beauty of the moment is that it made me happy.  My sincere thanks to all of you for your caring wishes, I’m fine, life is good, God  is a steady glow within me, your prayers have touched me.. I love you all.


NY may see another bit of snow yet…

Ephemeral New York

The day before it hit, the temperature (measured from the Equitable Building at 120 Broadway) was a balmy 40 degrees—and the forecast at the tail end of what had been a warm winter called for light rain.

The next morning, Monday, March 12, 1888, the rain had turned to snow, ferocious winds created heavy drifts, and temperatures dropped to the low 20s.(Below, Park Street in Brooklyn)

For the next 24 hours, “the city went into its gas-lighted rooms and its heated houses, and its parlors and beds tired, wet, helpless, and full of amazement,” reported the New York Sun on March 13. (Below, 14th Street)

Take a look at these scenes of the city during and after the “White Hurricane” that pummeled the metropolis at the start of a workweek in mid-March 129 years ago.

About 200 people were killed during the storm itself and many more succumbed…

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