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polar vortex, Artic chill

What do you think?  Does this suggest to you that it is cold outside 🐱


The sun shone so brightly today, for the first time EVER in my life, I out on a second pair of sunglasses over the ones I was wearing so that I could drive safely.  Even then, the glare was so hard on my eyes, it actually began to feel painful.  My eye balls wanted to retreat deep into the recess of my skull.

The sky was the purest of blues, if not for the constant reminder that we were under a frost bite warning, and a caution that it was going to get colder as the day wore on, AND with the wind chill factor, it was like minus 30 degrees Celsius .. Note I am a Canadian that relates to the weather, as seen above in Fahrenheit.


I have been told, snow is coming, it was clear and bright today, but it seems certain that over the next 24 hours, we will have snow.  The snow will come and the temperatures will raise, so that we will be in for freezing rain/sleet.

Knowing this, I have prepared myself for a day of creativity indoors.  I am lucky that if I decide not to go out, I don’t have to.  The joys of being retired.


Yes, snow does have to be shovelled, or getting out of the laneway, could be a challenge, but for those who love to be outdoors, skiing, whether downhill or Cross-Country, snow is welcome. When was the last time you sailed down a snowy slope on a toboggan


LOL true, once at the bottom, you have to make your way to the top again.  Great way to stay in shape, and it is something the whole family can do.

Yes it is cold, Yes it is going to snow, Yes it could get slippery, but you know what, you have managed all these years, you know how to deal with the Canadian winter, or the Colorado lows… where ever you are, use common sense, dress accordingly, drive safely, enjoy the world around you.


Catch a falling snowflake on the tip of your tongue, see how long you can hold it there =^_^=


pictures.Bing search

** remember the weather forecasters, are not the ones who  “control” what you do, YOU are the master of your own “world”

Gather information if you want, but YOU decide how and what you will do .. and when.






Comments on: "polar vortex, Artic chill" (7)

  1. I would love to live in Canada except for the snow that comes with it.

    • Tony, Tony, Tony, think of it as a winterland holiday, I love it, the changing seasons, and the days can be cold, but we dress for it, and really on sunny days, it is breath taking, OK>. some conditions do create verbal rants… LOL but it is all part of life.=^_^=

  2. I bought a lamp that simulates sunlight today – hopefully will help me with Seasonal blues! Wet, windy and gray here today! Much love to you!

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