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Where does all our/your excess end up?  That is material things, what about the baggage that can’t be seen or held?


What was, often still is. How often do you review, and tidy up.  We think we do, but how deep do we dive.

What are your true intentions, Not just with others, but towards your “self” ??

PL day 24    Listen and see with careful attention. Not only to your words, but to your actions.


Bom dia, Uma maravilhosa quarta-feira a todos! (thank you Suzana for the translation) =^_^=

Happy Wednesday to you all, may the day be bright and welcoming.



may 3

Being on the receiving end of two sets of eyes patiently waiting, determined not to let me take a bite without my knowing they are watching, is cute.  And for me it is a visual lesson in patience.

Where some dogs have been known to beg, these two don’t.  They just sit and watch me. I am sure every morsel of food is counted (in a canine way).. do the chopsticks go to my mouth, or  is the piece being redirected to a napkin, that “just could” be their reward for being so patient.

There is a shrimp dish that is cooked with the whole shrimp, that has been lightly battered.  This dish they are particularly aware of, they know I will share the heads and tails with them.  Until I actually  say their names, they will just sit patiently knowing that they will be rewarded.

Other times when I am busy enjoying every little tid bit, I am fascinated to see that my usual dinner mates, have no interest at all, and have curled up to nap.  They instinctively  know, that there will be no sharing.

Do we, pay as much attention to those around us, are we aware of their habits, the different ways they speak or do things, are we flexible in our ability to adjust to the energy around us easily?  Are we considerate of others?  Is it our natural response to the daily encounters that pop us during our day.  Can we put away our “ego” when it is perhaps getting in the way of a sincere exchange.

Sometimes what we say and what we are thinking are not in sync.  This leads to misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

Do you attract, happy or unhappy people in your sphere?  Questions, a lot of questions, I know, but beginning the day with a short meditation/reflection…. is always a positive start to the day.

Precept #1 using magnolia




walking in a daze

door 3f627dd860ab8a89a46b4a5542ba76b3.jpg  Anna BeCanio

So much to see, so much to do, there are times when it feels like one is visiting Alice in wonderland.  Only we aren’t sure how we got there, or just what to do next.  It happens, you are still being social, getting things done, but somehow you have lost the connection to your modem.

You know something is amiss, just can’t put your finger on it. We’ve all heard the expression, “one door closes, another opens”..  Sometimes it just isn’t obvious where that other door is.  Some doors are not what we expected, but then that is the beauty of life isn’t it.  To grow and develop our knowledge base, we have to explore beyond our known borders.

door 3c9c74ecb7d21240bc3d2f9c10757abf.jpg -Talas,Turkey

Is today a day we will open a door, or will we admire the door and keep walking.  Do we lean towards doors with history, or do we wait for that one door that will beckon. ???

door -boarded  28fdd83ab3df73c2e2c3d2f263f7c780

Admittedly some doors are well boarded up, so do we really want to go inside.  In my world the answer would be, probably not, I tend to live in the moment, and going back isn’t an option for me.  I have discovered that life will bring me the lessons that I need to relearn, perhaps in a different format, but I recognize the lesson.  Maybe not at once, but at a given moment the light bulb goes on, and I just know, I’ve been in this space and time before.  Perhaps the players are different and the location, however the lesson is one that I’ve faced before.

PL Precept # 7 (of 21)   Everything Exists in Relativity

PL Precept # 12   Everything has a way according to its Name

When I hit a phase of walking in a daze, I “Let Go” and just try to slow down so that I can regroup.  In the car while going to the gym, instead of going to the one closest to me, I took a left and drove to the one further away.  This meant driving several miles out of my way, but on open road. Driving can be therapeutic.

This is what I heard when pushed the play button – it made a difference in my mood, and set the pace for the rest of the day.

Choreograph your day, your way!

Namaste – Oyashikiri


* photo by Anah Be Carnio

** Turkey

*** flickr-post apocalypse by randomesquephoto

Beautiful Words Make for a Beautiful Soul.

PL teaching for day 27 >

Let’s choose to use words that are kind, polite and courteous.  Kind words will bring about a kind heart.  Beautiful Words Make for a Beautiful Soul.

Often when I look around, I see people engrossed in their electronic gadgets, intent on receiving or sending a message.  I saw one woman pushing a stroller with one hand while holding the phone to her ear.  In the dress shop, another lady was talking away while she pulled out one garment after another to inspect.   A young man was hurrying through the mall, coffee in one hand and his iPhone in the other.  I wondered how he could text with the one hand, and still maneuver through the crowd and not bump into something.

If we are constantly tied to a phone, when do we allow the mind/brain to chill?  If taking a walk through the park, we are distracted  having an electronic conversation, do we see the flowers? smell the fresh cut grass and lush vegetation? hear the call and singing of the birds?  A friend told me that the way her family communicates with each other is via text.  Does that mean that we no longer enjoy personal contacts/visits.  Is tea time a thing of the past?  If I’m the person on the other end of the line, are you really connecting with me, or are you shopping?  Just wondering………

Relaxation is total peace.

When you relax completely, there is total silence.

This overwhelming sense of tranquility is really what meditation is about. (mindfulness)

Neutral stillness of the mind, renews the tired soul, (regeneration)



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