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Saying Goodbye


With gratitude and appreciation in our hearts, we say goodbye to a man who touched our lives in a way that with his passing left us with a profound grief, yet filled with a joy that his spirit will be with us always.

Life is art –

Perfect Liberty – Precept #1

Oshieoya-Sama (Master Takahito Miki) lived the PL Way, and through his example, we (each and every member) benefited. We said/say goodbye, but it is only at the loss of his physical presence, for he will live through the teachings of PL. PL teaches us that every day is a new beginning.

We must continue to strive to live as ONE with the Universe, and work towards World Peace.


photo-Dave Renz

quiet comfort

You might want to make the bed… but I’m comfortable
try it, you might like it

Habit is.. get out of bed. Make it.. Someone had a different idea, after her morning outing, she decided she hadn’t finished with her “bedtime”. I had to leave to get to church. Did she get to stay on the bed, or was it made before I left?

The key to solving problems is within you. the problems that appear before you can surely be solved. give it your best effort, and the answers will come to you as long as you remain strong in your conviction that all will turn out well.

Perfect Liberty 2012.14



Meet Blythe doll #1, I say #1 because I have another one on order. I took Blythe to the doll club meeting yesterday, but didn’t get a chance to introduce her. I suspect she will come with me again to the meeting in November. We meet once a month.

Things never turn out like we think they might. My experience through life has been to roll with the dice. I had started to explain about items I had brought in to share, however, there was so much to cover in a two hour period, that I simply didn’t have the time to talk about the fall, October, November, when we in North American celebrate Thanksgiving as a yearly holiday. October for us in Canada, and I believe it is in November for residents of the United States.

Sitting with Blythe 1 is a pin cushion my sister knitted for me while she watched TV with me and chatted. Something I have not mastered. I do one or the other, but not at the same time. =^_^= For those of you who will ask, that is an upside down Chinese skull cap, and that is the pigtail hiding off to the side/back.

The Blythe doll, is an artists “toy” she wears a wig, that we can change, her skin comes in different colours, and you can buy different coloured eyes for her. The artists who play with her actually do her makeup, redo hair, dress her (her body is smaller than her head) There are two screws at the back of her head, so that you can get at her eyes.. the lids come down and you paint on those too.

So why the second doll. Because … I want to take this one apart, and play. That is what creative inquisitive individuals do. =^_^=

There is a saying or song.. Life is but a dream…. in mine nothing is impossible. Some discoveries are more fun than others, but all are interesting and worthwhile.

Make each and everyday count.


tree hugger

IMG_1493I travel far and near to find a tree, usually when I do find one that will chat with me, he lives with cousins near by who are also willing to spin a yarn or two.

IMG_1491Oh goodness me child, how nice of you to stop and visit.  We can wait from dawn to dusk to be noticed, but find, we are old, and worn, so no one stops to visit anymore.  They come with their dogs and walk right by, they head for open spaces.

IMG_1489Freddy down the way, will be glad of some company,  he gets few tenants these days, not even the dogs that come this way, use us anymore to mark their way.

IMG_1495Down the bend, to the right, you will see  a path beside Uncle John.  The leaves are crisp you will enjoy the sound as they say thank you for your trust in accepting their guidance as you walk the unknown path.

IMG_1498Please come again, your shadow is growing taller,  In a few months when you come again, we will be able to show you much more of our world.  Then we will see your shadow in the snow. till then, your shadow imprint, will remain for a while, leaving us smiling, because you shared with us.

IMG_1505 Riverside

Just me and my shadow, enjoying the morning sun.  There are a lot of roads out there, this one I will visit again. I enjoy and appreciate visiting with Nature. It is pure, it is real.

PL calendar day 5     A cheerful Greeting brings people closer to one another

Interactions between people start with greeting one another.  Take the initiative and be the first to open your heart.




Beautiful Words Make for a Beautiful Soul.

PL teaching for day 27 >

Let’s choose to use words that are kind, polite and courteous.  Kind words will bring about a kind heart.  Beautiful Words Make for a Beautiful Soul.

Often when I look around, I see people engrossed in their electronic gadgets, intent on receiving or sending a message.  I saw one woman pushing a stroller with one hand while holding the phone to her ear.  In the dress shop, another lady was talking away while she pulled out one garment after another to inspect.   A young man was hurrying through the mall, coffee in one hand and his iPhone in the other.  I wondered how he could text with the one hand, and still maneuver through the crowd and not bump into something.

If we are constantly tied to a phone, when do we allow the mind/brain to chill?  If taking a walk through the park, we are distracted  having an electronic conversation, do we see the flowers? smell the fresh cut grass and lush vegetation? hear the call and singing of the birds?  A friend told me that the way her family communicates with each other is via text.  Does that mean that we no longer enjoy personal contacts/visits.  Is tea time a thing of the past?  If I’m the person on the other end of the line, are you really connecting with me, or are you shopping?  Just wondering………

Relaxation is total peace.

When you relax completely, there is total silence.

This overwhelming sense of tranquility is really what meditation is about. (mindfulness)

Neutral stillness of the mind, renews the tired soul, (regeneration)



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