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quiet comfort

You might want to make the bed… but I’m comfortable
try it, you might like it

Habit is.. get out of bed. Make it.. Someone had a different idea, after her morning outing, she decided she hadn’t finished with her “bedtime”. I had to leave to get to church. Did she get to stay on the bed, or was it made before I left?

The key to solving problems is within you. the problems that appear before you can surely be solved. give it your best effort, and the answers will come to you as long as you remain strong in your conviction that all will turn out well.

Perfect Liberty 2012.14


Comments on: "quiet comfort" (4)

  1. be serious, she think it is for her comfort… smiles and waves a greeting to you across the miles =^_^=

  2. HI.. no the bed was made before I left… however, she follows me, so when I left the room she followed me to my office, and when she settled down on her bed in my office, I quickly went back into the bedroom and made the bed.. =^_^= a win win… sends a happy hug your way!

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