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Perfect Liberty

PL Precept # 1 Life is Art

In PL we learn how to live an Artistic Life. We have 21 PL Principles, that help us give us practical guidelines for our daily lives as PL Members. They are specific on how to live the PL WAY. How to reach a positive state of mind, so that we can express ourselves harmoniously and joyfully,

The first found of PL was formerly a Buddhist priest. The journey began back in. 1912. Since then PL has grown, it is an International school of thought that is practiced daily by its members, with physical churches in many different countries. Obviously we are very large community, in Japan is where we are headquartered. Members refer to the campus there as “the Holy Land” There we have our own schools and a hospital, ca PL church can be found almost everywhere when traveling Japan.

Brazil is the next largest population, PL is very strong and active in Brazil, Argentina etc. In North American, we have members and churches in NY City, and several in California, with a retreat and church in Hawaii. In Canada, we have our main church in Ottawa, Ontario.

I have given you all a brief background on PL, because since I have been writing this Blog, this community has grown, and many of you who follow and are part of my “family” here on WP, share with me, because we travel this life with similar philosophies.

IN PL we believe that every day is a new beginning. with the passing of our 3rd “founder” we will obviously be undergoing changes. Our philosophy is universal, our goal is World Peace. For this we apply our lives to being better individuals so that we are better citizens, loving parents, and loving, caring friends. Love begins within, in sharing Love, Respect and Understanding of/for our fellow travelers in this life, we Unite our energies towards World Peace.

The outpouring of well wishes for the man that led us these past years since early 80’s has been so touching, even as I write, I feel the tears come to the surface again. He was greatly love and example to us all ..his mortal journey was fraught with physical sufferings, but always, he maintained an inner strength that encouraged us, and supported us in our own personal journey. WE ALL know how our own storylines have been challenged with opportunities we didn’t always welcome.

His wish would be that we celebrate what IS, and that we acknowledge what was, and move on with the resolve to strengthen our own faith in PL, and that we embrace living with sincere efforts to harmonize with others, and make this world a better place for ALL who abide here, and travel this Universe with PEACE in our hearts.

Thank you to all of you who have reached out and expressed your appreciation and gratitude, continue to practice the teachings of PL, do Hosho, Pray, ask for Ooshieoya-sama’s Shikiri. Consult with your minister, when you can come to church, we are always available to you. LIFE IS ART. By leading a cheerful, joyful and beautiful life according to the PL teachings you will learn to work for the happiness of others as well as yourself.

I will never forget the Grace of God and Oshieoya-sama PL Principle #21

I will live with the spirit of Misasage (Devotion) working for the happiness of Others. PL Principle # 4

I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things PL Principle # 3


top photo -France Lavigne

photos of fireworks taken during visit to Japan in Holy Land

tall sculpture is of Peace tower in Holy Landyes one can ride the elevator to the top, there is church in the building it was designed by one of our founders.

Comments on: "Perfect Liberty" (7)

  1. I have always appreciated your philosophy.

  2. Thank you for sharing more about PL. I enjoy reading the parts of your post each day that inclue words from their teaching.

  3. Thank you Lise, It was good to see you today =^_^=

  4. Thank you for taking the time to explain more about PL. Clearly you live the philosophy. I strive for many of these things, but without the religious aspect (i.e. no god).

  5. Peace and love… ✨

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