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The only constant in life, is change.

R,I.P. Oshieoya-sama (Takahito Miki)

Funeral service will be held in Japan Holy Land, December 8. at 11:a.m. for us in Canada, that would be December 7th 9 pm.

With gratitude and appreciation in our hearts, we pray. We will continue to practice the teachings of PL, to live peaceful and joyous lives, for the sake of others, society and world peace.

We will hold Sunday service as usual tomorrow, as scheduled. 10:a.m. Eastern Time.


photo Shirley Keen NZ

Comments on: "Change" (3)

  1. Good morning Derrick, every day is a new beginning.. sends warm hugs across the ocean.

  2. Bonjour Lise, see you i a bit..

  3. thanks Marianallen, he was special and an inspiration… we head into another “chapter”

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