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bed rest

There is a time for activity and a time for rest. With the weather changes we’ve had I have succumbed to the dampness .. mild weather followed by deep chill, then back to spring temperatures has left me with a cranky body. My bones are protesting, my sinus is having hissy fits, overall, my assessment is that I need some bed rest. There comes a time when one needs to listen to the shrillness of the inner voice.

I did get a home visit this afternoon of puppy cuteness. My little furry niece who must be about 10 weeks old now came to visit her “cousins”. Talk about happy medicine. It was a short visit, enough to have me grinning from ear to ear.

this was two weeks ago..

I sat in the empty parking lot at one of the green spaces I go too. It is a trail for horseback riding, dogs on leashes and people on bikes or walking. It was quiet, a smaller area, not one frequented by the bird watchers and families with children. I just sat there, listening to the quiet, and gathering my thoughts. I know I’ve been pushing it.. I also know that it’s time to listen to my body and rest. Mother Nature will soon have the ground covered in a dense blanket of snow.. the vegetation will rest and regroup. The animals that do so, will hibernate. Why do “we” “humans” find it so difficult to slow down and REST.

My niece expressed surprise and concern when I said ” I’m enforcing “bed rest” “… No I’m not sick, nor do I want to get sick… so… knowing my body is tired, and I am mentally weary… (it happens) I am going to practice what I “preach”.. and R E S T. No one else can do this for me =^_^=

Your smile energizes the people around you. A smile has the ability to put others at ease and give them energy. Strive to be the first to offer a smile each day to those around you.

Perfect Liberty 2020.5

Be True to yourself… no matter how you try to make yourself appear differently, you can’t alter your self worth. Just be yourself, and freely express yourself without hesitation.

Perfect Liberty 2012.31

There is a message here, this is a time of the year that can be very “stressful” in/at the best of times. Don’t ignore the signs/symptoms .. don’t put off making time for YOU.


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  1. That little puppy is getting mighty spoiled, I was telling my niece today, soon she will have her own social calendar…=^_^=

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