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tree hugger

IMG_1493I travel far and near to find a tree, usually when I do find one that will chat with me, he lives with cousins near by who are also willing to spin a yarn or two.

IMG_1491Oh goodness me child, how nice of you to stop and visit.  We can wait from dawn to dusk to be noticed, but find, we are old, and worn, so no one stops to visit anymore.  They come with their dogs and walk right by, they head for open spaces.

IMG_1489Freddy down the way, will be glad of some company,  he gets few tenants these days, not even the dogs that come this way, use us anymore to mark their way.

IMG_1495Down the bend, to the right, you will see  a path beside Uncle John.  The leaves are crisp you will enjoy the sound as they say thank you for your trust in accepting their guidance as you walk the unknown path.

IMG_1498Please come again, your shadow is growing taller,  In a few months when you come again, we will be able to show you much more of our world.  Then we will see your shadow in the snow. till then, your shadow imprint, will remain for a while, leaving us smiling, because you shared with us.

IMG_1505 Riverside

Just me and my shadow, enjoying the morning sun.  There are a lot of roads out there, this one I will visit again. I enjoy and appreciate visiting with Nature. It is pure, it is real.

PL calendar day 5     A cheerful Greeting brings people closer to one another

Interactions between people start with greeting one another.  Take the initiative and be the first to open your heart.




Comments on: "tree hugger" (5)

  1. I love trees in all their forms. They are people of great courage. It takes great courage to stand still as they do in such a world; taking all of our happenings in. Sometimes I feel sorry for my backyard trees with all they have to witness from me lol. I loved the last picture. You have a lovely shadow! Sometimes I spend time with my shadow too. We dance, make shapes and take in the world. I don’t have many tangible people in my life so sometimes my shadow is my only friend I can actually see. Hugs to you kindred spirit.

  2. I love to hug trees to! Nice to meet you Dymoonblog :”D

  3. I think you would enjoy ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ by Peter Wohlleben.

  4. Old snags still have lots of life in them. I can them birdie B&Bs. 😉

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