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Where does all our/your excess end up?  That is material things, what about the baggage that can’t be seen or held?


What was, often still is. How often do you review, and tidy up.  We think we do, but how deep do we dive.

What are your true intentions, Not just with others, but towards your “self” ??

PL day 24    Listen and see with careful attention. Not only to your words, but to your actions.


Bom dia, Uma maravilhosa quarta-feira a todos! (thank you Suzana for the translation) =^_^=

Happy Wednesday to you all, may the day be bright and welcoming.


Comments on: "Questions" (5)

  1. So true. What we think is important today may be discarded tomorrow.

    • thanks Ron for dropping in, how you doing?

      • My pleasure. Things have been very busy the last couple of weeks. I barely have time to write a short blog. I feel bad not reviewing and responding to the community posts also. Hopefully I can get back to a better routine soon. I wonder how bloggers keep up with the posts in their community? Thank you for asking. You’re wonderful. 🙂

    • the only possible sanity is to take life a day at a time, and to enjoy all that we can..happy Thursday ..

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