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Thursday Doors

IMG_1345Happy Thursday everyone.. Bom dia.

Some doorways have a very open and spacious entrance.  Others are more “this is what you get” and the tenants do their best to make it welcoming.

Then you leave the town and head out into the open country, the sights and sounds are very different.  Yet always there are doors.

I got a tad turned around in my outing yesterday, found myself south when I should have been heading east.  Ah who cared, I was out exploring and best of all, the sights of the fall colours was awesome. Meet my new friends…

He was a brilliant conversationalist, (both males) the blonde was less talkative.  Sigh pleasures come from the most unexpected places. =^_^=

Remember, we are all responsible for the choices we make in life. Take time today to swing your happy into high gear.  Happiness is a powerful positive energy.

PL Calendar day 25…. If you skimp on the paint, your painting will not turn out well.  Live a fulfilled life every day by utilizing things, money, your knowledge or energy to their fullest.

My love and gratitude to you all.


Uma maravilhosa quinta feira a todos…


Comments on: "Thursday Doors" (12)

  1. A nice collection of doors, especially that barn door, but I have to say, nothing compares with the windows in that top picture. I love those brackets!

    • We see variations of this in the older communities (towns) beautiful aren’t they. Which camera are you using, I too have stopped wanting to carry a lot of things around with me.

  2. Lovely outing. Never mind that you went in the wrong direction.

  3. I like your new friends and the overhang on the window in the first shot. Quite a contrast in your two door sections. 🙂


  4. Lovely and intriguing photos. Doors are part of everything, as you reminded me – even eternal life. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Really like the yellow door … and the horses too! 🙂

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