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Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year everyone!

The New Year’s Day ceremony marks the start of the New Year.
We dedicate ourselves to begin anew,living an artist life according to the teachings of Perfect Liberty.
The world today overflows with problems.
Let’s pray not only for those around us, but for the happiness and peace of the entire world.
World peace starts with Peace at Home.
The 1st step to peace is to respect and honor each other’s differences.

In welcoming 2014 you are wished happiness, good health and prosperity.
Many,Many blessings …. Oyashikiri


International group heads out

International group heads out

I would like to thank gentleman and scholar, Harry S. for graciously carrying the flag (Canadian) for me this day. I had managed the day before, but two days in a row, my body was not wanting to co-operate. Rick our sidekick in the English speaking group, carried the American flag. (In all we were  5 English speaking participants) Jennifer is behind Rick, Machiko is to the right of Harry and I the sole wee Canadian, is behind Harry. Thanks Harry for the picture, we may be weeks in getting our copy of the Japanese paper this picture appeared in.

We were headed for the Kyososai celebration (Founders’ Day) August 1. where we honor the spirits of the First and Second Founders and dedicate ourselves to spreading and sharing the PL faith with others for the rapid realization of World Peace.

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