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no words needed

Not one person walked by this car without whipping out their phones to take a picture. I did wait awhile to see if the owner would come out.  But no, so I captured a few myself and left the area.  There was a whole theme on the top too.  It would have been hard to get a picture without the other getting another person in the picture.  That is how much attention this car was getting.

The hours, the attention to detail, this was  a dedicated passion. That edging is coins, pennies, dimes and nickles.  There was something to see, everywhere you looked. Kudos to the owner of the car, that is what I call, personal expression!

=^_^=  What will you do today to make someone smile….



Thursday doors – Ford 2 door


“up town funk” all the way!

PL Precept #7  Everything exists in Relativity

Happy Thursday everyone!


Happy Saturday to you !

Happy Saturday to you !

I thought I’d sneak this picture in of this delightful car. I saw these cars zipping around everywhere in Japan. No I don’t know what it is, do you? One of my quirks I like “cute” cars.

Our weather today is sunny and balmy, I plan to enjoy the day, what about you. If your day is almost over, I hope you had a good one. If like me it is just starting, have a blast. Create a heart to heart connection with someone, call a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile, whatever you decide,I”m sure it will be the right one for you.

I believe in YOU.
Blessings …

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