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Doors by Chris OKeefe

Thursday Doors is a feature of https://miscellaneousmusingsofamiddleagedmind.wordpress.com/2020/07/30/thursday-doors-july-30-2020/

Enjoy… the one on the ferry is a fun capture, how often have I ridden a ferry, but not thought of taking a picture of the doors. I know Chris was focused on the Zoo advertisment… but HEY I’m a door chaser.

This is where you find Chris’s blog https://milford-street.com/


Comments on: "Doors by Chris OKeefe" (11)

  1. I like those helicopter doors!

  2. OMG, I am totally blown away. You did go way back and did some digging. I recall each of those shots and where they were taken. Amazing! Thank you so much. Big hug.

  3. An excellent varied selection

  4. I love that red coach.

  5. lise lawrence said:

    I love this small car.

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