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Thursday doors 3.24.22

Pouring rain here today, glad we got out for a drive Monday in sunshine. We ate at a restaurant that is on the water’s edge, I like the food there, and love watching the rushing water while I enjoy a companionable visit with a friend and feed the taste buds. I have never seen this kind of door anywhere else but at this restaurant. The other doors were found along the side streets on our way into the little town.

Have a great day everyone. I am feeling a bit like the doors today .. been around awhile, still function, but tired and a shade worn. LOL its called “character”

For more doors visit Dan’s site. No Facilities – https://nofacilities.com/2022/03/24/back-to-frog-hollow/

PL Precept # 2 To live is to express One’s Self…

Till soon

Comments on: "Thursday doors 3.24.22" (18)

  1. I love that curved door! I’ve never seen anything like that, at least nothing that large. The other photos are all interesting. Thanks for joining Thursday Doors today.

    • good morning Dan, as I sat there enjoying the view, I did think of you, and wondered.. you’d have enjoyed the ambience and the special craft brew… =^_^=

  2. It looks like a barrel door, something different

    • there are two, one to the men’s room and one to the ladies.. next time I get there, i will have a better look around.. good morning!

  3. Love the last one!

  4. Fascinating collection of pictures. Might have to listen to some Jim Morrison now!

  5. Love, love that barrel door. That must be something to see in person🙂. Nice post!


    • Isn’t it a beauty, next time I’m there I’ll take a picture of the men’s.. it was busy the day I was there.. too many distractions to get good pictures. but I did manage the ladies!!!

      • So different 🙂. Recently on one of those makeover shows they made porch swings and Adirondack chairs from whiskey barrel. They were beautiful! Now, I want one 😄. Have a good day!


  6. Love that rounded door and I always enjoy your worn buildings.


  7. Yes character and seasoned patina ! Hahaha

  8. I’m in love with that barrel door!

  9. A++ on your door choice

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