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Devils tower wyoming usa


Once a volcanic activity, this became a sacred place for the Indian Nation.  The old legend has it that the land rose to protect a helpless girl from a bear attack.  If you visit you can see Indian offerings scattered through the park. It is a peaceful and mystical place to visit. This is Devil’s Tower a National Monument in Wyoming, USA.  Transformations can happen over centuries, decades, or without our even really being aware of the change till we have an “oh my” moment.

Cornwall UK St. Nectan's Glen Waterfalls,

St. Nectan’s Glen, Tintagel,Cornwall, UK, one of Cornwall’s most sacred sites.  The waterfall is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest SSSI, it has been described as amongst the ten most important spiritual sites in the country.  It is a place of outstanding beauty

When we take ourselves out into the natural beauty of the world, we can feel the energy shift around us.  Surrounded by spellbinding landscapes that the Universe provides us, filled with the ambient sounds of life, we are refreshed.  Transformation begins when we ourselves, open our hearts to the wonders of LOVE. (God/TAO)

Good Morning everyone! May the blessings from high above, bring sunshine and happiness into your life today.

                                                                      Namaste          –          Oyashikiri


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rain – wow how novel

woke up to the sound of rain on the window and roof top! We were away for just a little over a month, and we had rain one afternoon in Michigan, and later on our way back a bit of rain fell while we drove to our night stop in Norther Ontario. The rest of the time we had clear blue skies, fluffy clouds, and I’d say HOT weather. Especially in the Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana. Idaho and Washington although very warm, temperatures in the morning and evenings were more balmy. Oh I’m reminded that in Montana for maybe 20 minutes where I was it rained. Where hubby was he said it came down in buckets. Wei and I were at Flat Head Lake and although they had seen rain, and the water was producing white caps to equal an ocean shoreline. In fact the water was rolling up over and up under cars parked in the parking lot facing the lake. the tour boat had to take cover near one of the islands, and all other tours were canceled for the day. Yet for our walk about, it did not rain. Only when we were driving away did we get a shower.
In the time we were gone, we visited 9 States, and 5 Provinces. It was the longest road trip that I’d ever been on.
Some of you are aware of the few challenges we had, in the first week, hubby’s netbook died, due to hardware failure, and a couple of days later it was determined that my new Samsung tablet had a lemon battery, and nothing could be done except the return of it to the Mfg. Needing to be “wired” we both needed new net books. Fortunately hubby had his camera, I had intended using the Samsung, so we do have some pictures.
There was just so much to see, I loved South Dakato, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. The geography is awesome. I will write more at a later date of the “treasure” shopping I did. For now, this is an overview, letting you know that we are now once more back home. Yes planning our next “get away”.
For me it was an adventure, I got to see places I’d never dreamed of seeing, a taste of parts of Amercia that i will want to see more of. Hubby got to see places he had worked in, and how they had changed. as a broadcaster, he has covered many stories in his lifetime, and when he shifted over to the printed media many of the places we passed through, there was a story or stories that resurfaced. It was a great time for both of us.
In Winnipeg we stayed with in-laws. For me this was extra special, I got to spend time with the 3 nephews that until the visit, I had only met fleetingly at family gatherings where I had not had the time to really visit with them. One nephew and his wife took hubby out to play disc golf. aka frisbee golf. I got to spend quality time with a sister in law that is a gem. Brother in law is the cook in the family, so, YES we were well fed. Family dinners with sometimes 6. 7 at the table. unusual for us. (smile)
Of course we had the dogs with us. They were troopers. Canaille (Portuguese Water dog) got to put her dainty feet in many lakes. Velcro our dashing whippet, has been renamed “chick magnet”.. although he drew as many men as he did women to his side. ( his owners beamed of course) To the dogs it was all ho hum, they are used to the ooohs and aahhhhs.
The car was laden down with “stuff” -material- gifts- what nots- now we are in the process of unpacking and letting our bodies reclaim their well deserved comfort zones back,
Thanks to all of you who kept in touch during this adventure, it meant a lot to me.
Yes I will be writing more about thrift shops, and personal insights. Blessings!

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