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Sunday Jan 12

The mounds you see are chip-wood, or mulch if you will. I tried to get a picture of the haze that was happening over them. If you are able to close in, I hope you will see the steam. Very interesting. When we stop to enjoy, we see “LIFE” happening.. =^_^=

Always be cheerful, happy and good humored. When you make effort to be cheerful and happy, you will naturally begin to feel that way.

Perfect Liberty 2020.1.12


taken in Cornwall, Ontario Canada

Thursday doors 2 – continued

The house can be seen as you drive into Cornwall off the 401 going west.  From the off ramp it looked so lonely, so forlorn.  The inside is completely a mess. Without proper footwear and a hard hat, I wouldn’t venture too far inside.

The area around the house  looks like at one time it  had been a tended  lawn and garden.   I’d say a farm-house, the building (that also stands empty) that you drive past to get to this one seems to attest to my thinking, but then?   It is a brick building, perhaps when the land was expropriated for the highway, they built further back.. Of course with expansions.. this is no a place for a  “home”..  – for sale (land) it would be commercial property now.

I love the old wood, even with age, it has a quiet dignity to it.  The homes being built today, I don’t see the same character or get the same feeling of seeing a structure that was built to last, a home for generations.

The basket in the upper right corner, I remember when we would find them at markets filled with fresh farm vegetables.  How long ago since the last resident put it outside, perhaps filled with fall produce or an autumn display of bright foliage.

The house has been vacant for some time.. the wild trees, shrubs and grasses have been reclaiming what was once a tended lawn.

Thanks for visiting with me.  It was important to me.. to give the house  some  love attention, maybe one last time..  the new gravel down on the road leading to the area, suggests that something is “in the wind”

Progress so necessary, but at what cost……



Devils tower wyoming usa


Once a volcanic activity, this became a sacred place for the Indian Nation.  The old legend has it that the land rose to protect a helpless girl from a bear attack.  If you visit you can see Indian offerings scattered through the park. It is a peaceful and mystical place to visit. This is Devil’s Tower a National Monument in Wyoming, USA.  Transformations can happen over centuries, decades, or without our even really being aware of the change till we have an “oh my” moment.

Cornwall UK St. Nectan's Glen Waterfalls,

St. Nectan’s Glen, Tintagel,Cornwall, UK, one of Cornwall’s most sacred sites.  The waterfall is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest SSSI, it has been described as amongst the ten most important spiritual sites in the country.  It is a place of outstanding beauty

When we take ourselves out into the natural beauty of the world, we can feel the energy shift around us.  Surrounded by spellbinding landscapes that the Universe provides us, filled with the ambient sounds of life, we are refreshed.  Transformation begins when we ourselves, open our hearts to the wonders of LOVE. (God/TAO)

Good Morning everyone! May the blessings from high above, bring sunshine and happiness into your life today.

                                                                      Namaste          –          Oyashikiri


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