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Breaking free

My cough was really getting to me. I stopped what I was doing, and took time to pray. (I pray a lot, I like it, find it refreshing and soul satisfying, yes LOL it can be habit forming) I was giving my cough way too much attention, sure it was hard to ignore, and it was distracting and annoying, but it was mine.
When talking to Rev.Eugene (Sr. Minister PL church) earlier, he did point out that the coughing was nature’s way for the body to rid itself of the “bad” it was having to deal with.  So………… coughing was simply a natural happening in my body right now.  Coughing was a positive towards healing.
Accepting that, and understanding that the act of coughing and all the other “activities” my body was wanting to do ….was “nature’s way” of ridding impurities from my system made it much easier to “go with the flow” (pun intended)

Changing my thinking, changes the vibrational frequency in my “chi” giving my “sick” body less fuel, giving it the message its free to go =^_^=

I’m going to bed and plan to wake up well rested and ready to enjoy a new day.  Good night everyone, I hope your day was rewarding.  I had a great day, and will hit the pillows with a smile and a lot of contentment for a day well lived.

Blessings Be…..

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