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Perfect Liberty

PL Is alive and well in Raglan. PL is everywhere!

i did want to let readers who visit Raglan, Tiny Outpost  or any other location in SL (Second Life) to know that you can get to the church by visiting this kiosk (in Raglan Shire) for a LM. Or contact me (Q) and I’ll send it to you next time I’m there. Rev. Goto is also able to be there if you ever want a personal consultation with him. (English/Japanese) at the PL church in SL.

If you would like to meet with Q, she too can be available, you need only to contact her.  With Shocktober here, there is a lot going on in Raglan and @ Tiny Outpost, the church is open 24/7

Have a great day today.

Begin your Day with Appreciation..

Love and Blessings

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